Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rambling Sheep

white sheep on hillside
rambling in the rich green bushes
sheering soon to come

A Time Gone By

she walked the beach barefoot
warmth sizzling beneath each step
a path full of memory of a time gone by
when love enveloped her shadow

her soul weeping, the ocean calls to her
as the sea laps against her body
her mind is blank with sorrow
weary she knows no rest

following a path full of memories
of long ago
when loved enveloped her being
her mind is blank with sorrow

empty now she weeps for what was once
a love lost in time
the shore rushes rhythmic wave after wave
yet she knows not it's sweet warmth

Mary Queen oOf Heaven

Oh sweet queen of heaven
that brightens my life
shine down upon this poor soul
a gift from God to all mankind

fill all of my life
sacred mother of all
bring me home, bring me home
to God's domain

Friday, May 6, 2011

Dandelion Dreams

once more
to lie
amid a haze,
a deep yellow-green field
of dandelions.

their pungent order
so bitter sweet
fills the long liquid
days of summer.

as she, suspended...
in one
moment of sunlight...
slowly, bends
to pick this heady brew
the last feast of seasons end