Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Has No Pride.....

love has no pride
love has no pain
in the darkness that is my soul
we walk a misty path

set me free
set me free
the sky ablaze sings
colors changing hue
they could not love you as I do
they did not know how

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Silver Thorn....

sweet ebony rose
grows far from all
it's silver thorn
sharp and unforgiving

Night LightsThe Way.....

laying on cool damp grass
in this darkest of nights
my eyes look to the heavens
where the milky way holds sway

all at once both eerie and beautiful
the heavens are wondrous
stars fight for brightness
while, in truth the Milky Way is our jewel


black mice upon a chess board
scurrying to take their places
dressed for battle, they wait
in shinning silver armor

whites first move, a pawn...
outside the old rusty shed
a storm rages on as the lights
flicker with each lighting strike

still the little black mice in
their shining armor moved not
the lights flickered and went dark
the chess game had come to end end

NaisaiKu Challenge!

pain is a solid wall
surrounding my soul
I grow tired, so tired of
I grow so tired, so tired
surrounding my soul
pain is a solid wall

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have been thinking of late...
Of all the endings in my life
All the loves lost and gone

Life only goes one way
While the beginning is fresh
Scented with the breath of Lilly's and Roses

All this so quickly fades,and is gone
Leaving behind a pale shadow of what once was
In the end___ your heart beats every so slowly

Carry On Tuesday

"Dream on, for dreams are sweet"
At twilight they come on slender silver faerie wings
Singing softly our dreams on their sweet baby's breath
Whispering deep into our hearts, our souls
At last filling our minds, surround we dream on

Monday, July 13, 2009


he is gone in a moment, a second
the joy he brought forgotten
poor soul wandering still not at rest

3 WW

the gloom in the church of the Knights Templar was deep
long ago heroes for Christ___
effigies kneel before a cross
where their faith is transparent
they gave their lives willing___ could we do thus?

Cool Summer

cool summer
wet gentle rain falls
oh, where is the warmth of my youth?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Stranger

he walks alone...
along dark and shaded paths
heeding but the call of the ocean's depths
he wanders in the chill of night