Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Small stone#32

like sugar spun crystals
lined up in a row
pure white dresses and vales
we waited..we waited
to be hand maidens of God
tiny tiaras upon our heads
we waited

Friday, July 29, 2011

Red Clay

along the roadside,
they bury the dead
sweet Georgia red clay

We are...We are

in my mind
I long for you
I breath your scent
entwined with mine
love echos in our limbs
coming to a head
reaching heaven in
one touch, one kiss, one caress
oh love, we are we are

A Small Stone#26

phlox are blooming
my tears fall

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Small Stone #24

my lovely one
our hearts beat in time
cool my need with kisses

Sensaktional Haiku Wedsnday

a poets world is
often filled with such sadness
light fading too soon

frustration shadows
great works of brilliant glory
ending in their death

They Burn Brightest

some poets write for loves loss
some for a moment of beauty
great poets burn the brightest
writing in a fury before their
light ends...fading in an empty bottle

Before I Die.....

before I die
may the roses bloom
and my sons become men
and may I at last find peace

Nights Love

rising from her bed
she washes nights love away
dripping on the floor

Faries Bright

in the dark of night
faeries dance beneath the stars
heaven guides their way

The Stream

trout flashing jump high
a journey to renew life
begins with the end.

A Small Stone #23

dark silky pliant
your plight given
I can not but comply

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Body

your body next to mine
I open like a lotus
to your need

My Empty House

my empty house where all the rooms whisper
of times gone by
children's voices
raised in laughter
crying out with nightmares
now all is empty
all that once was
is no more
all my needs done
a house once alive and vital
lies empty and dead

A Small Stone#19

flashes blue and gold
water sparkling swirling
reflections of new life

A Small Stone In The River#18

oh but we've grown so old
you and I
the grass needs cutting

Monday, July 25, 2011

At Night

In my head I paint a picture of what you were
though I see you clearly through the mist
that filters around you
words sounding in my head
your voice fills my soul
too soon too soon your voice fills my being

Late At Night

late at night alone
the memory of you comes
I smell your scent sweet

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


my indecision led to death
no option of power over this had I
alas my fate was predestined

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Small Stone In The River#17

warp and weft

I weave my evil designs

calling men's hearts

to darkness

Other Voices

in the twilight of night
I hear voices other voices
they rise noisily from the ocean


lost in the rough seas
now I hear my name called
whispering words of desire

can it be

can it be his voice
among so many echos
that sound in the ocean

it is not the voice remembered
this speaks of sorrow and loss
but still it speaks to me

his voice was mellow
as is the one that calls to me
I feel his power in the waves

oh let it be,let it be

it leads me ever towards
a dark and stormy sea

sweet and low he calls

come to me my love,come

Monday, July 11, 2011

Moon Tides

pale cold light
spun quicksilver
on gossamer leaves.

moon tides ebb then flow
as men's hearts
ride the luminous waves

Summer Heat

hot days
shimmering in air
melting on my skin


plays out in sorrow and pain
what was once is not
love not based in the soul fades
till life is not worth living

Small Stone#16

many hued moonlight
flashes in color swirls
a wistful fairy dancing


sorrow grows in my heart
a willow tree bent and heavy with tears
pale green leaves dripping onto
newly tilled earth a barren mound

wherein lies forgotten unmarked summers end
a life never lived
a love never known
a name never given

pain which has no end
grief which knows no bounds
loss which has no meaning
unholy ground with no salvation

time will not cover my raw wound
no green will ever grow
too late too late
whispers the willow tree

winter pervades my thoughts
ice rain grips my soul
tho the still green willow leaves
move softly in the sun warmed winds

pale green willow leaves summers end
gently fall where I would lie
forsaking all humanity
to sleep to rest sweet oblivion

beneath the weeping willow leaves
that shades you still
beneath all worries
some other green to cover me

Down To The Sea

Down to the sea in sorrow she walked...
obsessed with the black glacial ocean.
She circled the cold wet rocky sand
walking deeper and deeper into the outgoing tide.
With each wave her steps washed away forever.
The dark depths called out to her...
Some thought her mad...those without feeling and pity
others whom had walked her walk knew the hot pain of loss.
Some wondered for what she searched,
was it the echo of the mighty humpbacked whales
that sing their haunting song of love as they swam the shoreline.
Alone standing in the twilight,she could hear their lament
She turned as her shadows that ever followed
softly called...fear not the sea it is your lover
he has returned and waits for you...deep amid the waves.
She looked back once more then walked in to the ocean's arms
his arms, for it was here the sea had claimed him.
Drowning in want and need...she answered his call

down to the black sea
forever trapped in sorrow
her heart searched for him

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Small Stone#15

my people
the Cherokee
were so much more
then they became

Asmall Stone #14

windmills spin

Touching You

in darkness I reach for you across the creamy white sheets.Thunder sounds followed by lighting. The room flames and I can see your sleeping form.Oh to touch you. To feel your cool smooth skin.To touch you,pressing my desire with my finger tips.I can feel you stir,feel your heat rise.Come my love come and fill my arms.Come my lover and enter the gate of love that opens awaiting your caress.

gates of paradise

await your silken kisses

body heat rises

Small Stone #13

Vincent, my love
Second of his name

Small Stone# 12

Shadowed by moonbeams
I walk the forest seeking your touch

My Wishes Known

in the dark moon rise
sticky webs trap all wishes
no power have I

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Men Of Means

men of great riches
side by side they walk with pride
fast comes their decline

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Tulip

Suleiman first grew
Holland craved

Tne Ophelia

Murky sea water laps silently against an old weathered boat. Once strong young men took to the sea in her.Then a beauty named Ophelia. She road the high waves in many a storm. Using only the stars for guidance,she brought them safely home each time.Now a wreck that was loved no more,she wept at her fate.

bottomless boat lies
breached on the shores sandy crest
Ophelia dreams on

Small Stone#10

under a quarter moon
i weave my web of wishes
silver tongued am I

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One Heart

We share one heart together.


respect nature
it shall give you the sweetest of blooms

feed the earth
it shall give your many fruits

respect life
and yours shall be long

Silence And The Angel

As a child she spoke little if ever
until the age of five
finding comfort in the deep silence
that she wove tightly around herself

The little girl reached out
Not for another's arms
But for an angel only she could see
Content to sit beneath a table
Or in some tiny corner
Where none could find her

But she listened to every sound
Every word which assaulted her tender ears
She had heard them
Every day every night
And she knew
She knew she wanted no part of it

Shadows were her playmates
Darkness her best friend
For darkness hid her well

When discovered her large gray eyes
Would close in fear
Her little body trembled
But not a word would she utter
Just a tiny moan broke free from her
Then silence
Silence until it would start again

Small Stone #7

nodding in sleep
sun rises

July 6th, a small stone

river of tears
wearily I wade in

rising tide

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Small Stone#5

we are young but once
time is fleeting
the rest of our days

A Small Stone

purple-blue hydrangeas
delicate lush full
paradise in my garden

The Keyhole

We would peek through the keyhole
when we heard that sound.
The sound of hand meeting skin and bone.
The screams, the pleas
the cries, the moans.
Never ending, never ending.
I could not bear it,
my tiny body shaking with fear
but she, she alone
made me look.
Time and again, while whispering
softly in my ear.
Remember this, remember this
and I would.


dappled sun spots on
the shady side of the street
I stretch my long legs
running faster and faster
until the red hot sun sets.

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Oh, Can You See

oh say can you see
in the pale moon light

dappled leaf patterns across
the old dark lane

were blooms by day lush purple
hydrangeas and peonies

now misty visions of elves
and faeries floating on silver beams of light

casting spells sprinkled
in pure golden angel dust

they dance and fly

Monday, July 4, 2011

Goodbye My Love

goodbye my sweet lovely one
please fret you not my dear
for I am where I must be and you must remain
love of you is forever with in my heart
though I lie at rest beneath this turned black earth
in time, look to see my love, in all the flowers that grow

hang daisy chains on my stone lie primrose on my breast
cover me in rose petals mixed with blue iris that I love
warm my cold cold blood with bluebells and honeysuckle
blow a breath across my grave,reach down into the black black earth
touch the ring that binds us for eternity from gray to black
kiss my withered lips just one more time and taste the essence of me

feel the blue green moss, how will will keep me warm when winter winds blow
come and place your hand upon my stone, hear me whisper, I love thee so.
worry not beloved 'twill seem like but a passing cloud
still your mind and here me call, I miss you so, I miss you so
may angels hold your heart and kiss your lips until we meet once more
once more to kiss your rosy lips and sweet flower breath

Words Of Color

When she spoke
her words became
shades of silver and gray
Filling the morning mist
rising from her body
with a rainbow of thoughts
In her mind
she could see herself
covered in their silky touch.
Colors sparkled as she moved
breathing in and out
she walked
colors swirling around her
In a maze she walked
while jeweled tones fell
gently beneath her feet.
Her eyes opened upon the morning world
seeing what others could not
The color of her words
filled her with wonder
as her laughter echoed
in silver and gray

As Candles Burn

my candle burns at both ends
lighting the filaments of my life

echoing back a moment
echoing each action of love

burning fiercely all rests within

flashes of time gone wild
race before my mind

foretelling my dark dreams

Red Canyon

raw blazing sunlight
deep river canyon ridges
a crater turns red

The Flaw

within each one lies
a flaw buried deep beneath our hearts
do not head it's call
though strange sometimes is the pull
into the darkness that waits

The Glass Menagerie

her glass collection
a menagerie of dreams
trapped in the long past

Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Plan Sight

none see the real me
I hide behind a wall of poetry
woven,my writing and my meaning

deep in my heart pain passion rein
delusions are real,life a memory
I fear for being seen for what I am

in truth I am a gentle soul seeking acceptance
longing for love,physical touch
my shaded being so empty so loss

my shyness cripples my friendships
only in poetry am I free to be seen
free to say what I may

Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving On

So hard, so hard to forget his kisses and warm embrace.Bedroom whispers in the dark.Such a loss his love,such a waste of beauty try as I might,I still miss him.Friends say it's time,move on and live your life.He is no more then the stone that marks his passing.Oh but he fills my nights with dreams.The empty side of the bed,retains his impression.In my waking dreams I feel him beside me.In sleep he calls my name.Can't move on,can't free my soul.His image is burned deeply within.If I had the creators power,I would wake him from this deep sleep.But that remains with God.Missing his caresses,my body longs for that touch.Come home to me my love and we shall move on together.

moving on is hard
when ones life alters with death
their is no return