Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh, Can You See

oh say can you see
in the pale moon light

dappled leaf patterns across
the old dark lane

were blooms by day lush purple
hydrangeas and peonies

now misty visions of elves
and faeries floating on silver beams of light

casting spells sprinkled
in pure golden angel dust

they dance and fly


Anna said...

Poetry! You have used the prompt to write a poem about completely other images!
Very clever.
Best wishes,

A Rainy Day in July-Anna's SC wk 61

Karen S. said...

Oh, say, what a lovely poem for this week's prompt...simply put with magical words and visions...! Thank you!

Jenny said...

Oh my. This is gorgeous. Absolutely spell binding. I could visualize this place and this feeling.