Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beach.....

I walk the dark empty beach tonight
my only companion the misty moon

why have you left me?
why does my heart hurt?

I feel the cold cold sand beneath my feet.......

You came first and I followed
added with dreams.....
no matter the reason
sisters are we

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Woven Wall...Of Roses and Buttercups

you and I have come to the end, my love
who would know, who would have guessed
we once laughing and so in love together

holding hands when we talk late at night
into darkness.Stealing secret kisses by
moonlight, our friend. How could you have
let this be, how__my heart___it withers

after so long walking side by side.....

now our hands never touch
your arms no longer hold me
your sweet lips never meet mine.

I look deep into your misty gray eyes
you now just turn away hiding
all the yesterdays that you would not show

I can no longer see you for the walls between us
all built with love, such loving care
for someone else. Will there be some one in your
woven so high, I am in the darkness

rings of roses and buttercup's and daisy's fall
to the earth light pink petals lie at your feet
for all to see, to know, there are not for me

woven so high, I am in the darkness
I am in the darkness now alone with my my aching thoughts

And so I walk blind, just a mere shadow
in a story so long ago

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Star Dust

night tides of stardust
ebb and swirl___
sparkling messengers
some born of the sky
some sway with the earth's rhythm, the sea
listen, chimes ring out
she approaches,chime,the hour is near
she brings the eve time
with great swooping dark wings
the beating of those powerful wings
match the beating of my soul
her wings open and covers all in dreams

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One White...Among The Red

She picked flowers today
cut fresh from her garden
tulips...one white among the red

Springs last bounty quickened her heart
one white, the others blood red
stems placed in water...tulips in a jar

Tulips to dress her simple table at springs wane
one white as pure as she...pale and translucent
like the snow to come, one white among the red

She picked flowers today
cut fresh from her garden
tulips...one white among the red

Springs last bounty quickened her heart
one white, the others blood red
stems placed in water...tulips in a jar

Tulips to dress her simple table at springs wane
one white as pure as she...pale and translucent
like the snow to come, one white among the red

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haiku...Simple Beauty

morn's early songbirds
moons crescent wains
angelic chorus lights sky

Gone To Soon.......

thunder crashing all around
chimes in the wind___
soldiers in the black night
freedom flashing so bright

they the brave, the free
all came when we called
fighting for others rights___

some will live, some will die
they gave the ultimate....
their blood ruins in rivers
deep within my heart....so deep

dust storms pours rain down
on lifeless body parts
bear, tears for those deaf and blind

oh listen,oh listen___ one more time
look one more time as you pass....
they, too dead for dreaming

blood of love and memories
runs rivers of red___
like tulips in the spring
they are gone....gone all to soon

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tides Of Sand.......

life is a mystery...
all at once unfair
then giving...

i wonder about joy and happiness
i wonder if these dreams
ever come true...

i am empty...
a wave echos through my emptiness
as the sea returns and washes to shore

Gemini's Incubus

Green shoots everywhere
Earth yawns and stirs
Meadows full with daffodil's
In out of cement gardens
Nature will push pavement aside
Incubus grows unnoticed in shadows

She Came......As Fore Told

Out of the darkness she came
A pale figure in white
Surrounded by fire....

As of old she appeared
As foretold by Knights Templar
Who kept watch down the centuries___

Crossing the line of rose
As she approached, the Knights bold
fell upon their knees

Dressed white and gold
She came to complete
What was to be....

Restless Longing

She paced back and forth across the kitchen.
It was raining again. Oh when would the warmth of summer come?
Her spirit seemed restless today. Truth be told her very being was restless
with longing. Allowing her no peace, no sleep and no respite. For even
in her nightly dreams her soul wandered in the endless dark. With each
dawning her mind rove elsewhere.

She went again to check where she had hidden the box. A dangerous box
of letters and yet,so sweet so tender. Words of faithful love filled
their pages. Promises to keep that now would never be. Love lost before it
had begun. Never to be found again, always hidden evermore. She looked
out at the wind and the rain. Tears in her heart keep time with the rain drops.
She crossed the kitchen once more, reach down to check the wood stove and put on
a tea kettle to boil.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ice Skin

bulb buried deep earth
ice skin covers blossoms site
hiding in soils warmth

bulb skin must be thick
lying dormant cold as death
frost melts new life

Ice Shade

ice shade.....sun melts.....equals
end of winter.....streams rise
flooding.... ripe......new black earth

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cemetery Of Books

The book was thick and black covered with dust and cob webs
as were the others in this cemetery of once remembered now lost books.
He was allowed to take but one of the thousands surrounding him.
As he touch the big black book, it was as if it knew him,
as if it called out his name marking his soul.
Yes, this was the one, the one possession he must have.
Later he would remember the thrill of finding this book.
All his life he would think of this place, this cemetery of forgotten books and wonder.

Dark Angels

angels fly low across the dark sea
matter, dark matter melts reforms
and melts yet once again.

the sound, the beat of their wings
strong, loud as the sea meets the stars.
angels, dark spirits of the fallen
take heed, take heed,the darkness glides


march days cold still reigns
waiting for black ice to melt
crocus deep asleep

beneath hard ground frost
tiny colors turn in dreams
come spring come colors bloom

Rain In The Garden

rain drips
dead limb
quenches gardens thirst


rides on moonbeams
sand drifts away

Only A Breath Away.......

Only A Breath Away.......

spring has come once more
touching the sweet new earth
like a painter's pallet filling
the winter void with colors
vivid, so vivid your eyes tear with joy

another spring without you my love
planting tulips and lily of the valley
can not fill the hole in my heart.
I long for your embrace, your kisses
your scent but most of all your gray eyes

eyes that held me close to your heart
as I kneel ripping weeds away each year
from your resting place, I weep, weep
for such beauty is no more
still I hear your voice calling me, come, come

my life was you and although I know
my tears water the flowers I tend
my hand reaches out to feel the dirt
that separates us, one from another
I know my darling we are but a breath away

Runners High

a runners high- they call it
a fleeting dream...
once drenched my body
slick with sweat
true euphoria
it raced-coursed though my blood
floating, just out of reach...
elusive pure-a reward for all who- race.

sill I ran, long legs flying
my breath, rhythmic deep and steady
from my belly, loud grunts pass my lips
as I suck in air-life
damp fingers-grasping
for that dream
finally captured in willing hands
mine- now...oh how sweet the taste...
this, was mine-for awhile.

now, older worn wounded by life
my pace slows...
body betrayed-in both mind and spirit
it struggles
to walk this world
my path, my reason gone...
no longer to fly through time and space.

I walk, stooped-my gait slower uneven and shaky
my grunts now groans
I stumble and fall
and yet
I can remember
the rush of air upon my skin
remember-that high
that dream...
still, the taste lingers.

it is for the others, this dream
their time to fly
to chase that luminous gift
still fleeting and just out of reach
an illusion
while, I walk
against the swift current of-life.

it is their world
oh-so sweet taste to savor
my world has become heavy
dull tinged with sadness
and worth not my consideration care
time has evolved
ever changing
it passes me by

Pale Pink ...Petals

pale pink petals
the earth remembers

You Touched Me......

with words...you promised me
with a simple word...I loved you
just one word...my heart was yours
we fell ...a waterfall together

embracing our bodies one...never to part
yet you left me...in autumn
tears upon tears...left me weak
words lie...only death is true

with words...you promised me
with a simple word...I loved you
just one word...my heart was yours
we fell ...a waterfall together

embracing our bodies one...never to part
yet you left me...in autumn
tears upon tears...left me weak
words lie...only death is true

Touch Me..........

touch me....still I am
touch me....desire stirred
reach out touch me....my love
body trembles hot moist....wanting
reach out taste my lips
your embrace captures my soul

I Dreamed Of You.......

I dreamed of you last night
Our lips....almost touched
Our bodies....almost one
Yet still you pulled away
The sheets....cold....empty

Go Ask......

go, go ask Alice...
large or small, she may be
we are one...life tricks us all..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


late august...low red moon
hot...slow...hazy days
rich ripe fruit
free fall...summers...sweets...
earths gift...passion fruit

Don't Stop....

don't stop babe,don't stop
tomorrow is just one more day
nothing matters babe

one man on the chess board
mushrooms free for all
remember only women...bleed

I can't stand alone
let it ride babe let it ride
only women bleed...

don't make me cry babe
must I always be waiting for you
don't stop, please don't stop

I'm into you too deep
at your touch I'm raptured
and my soul flies...

come on my love fly away with me
as I look into the sea
in my dreams, you walk free...

I want for you babe
don't give my love away...
oh babe, you give yourself to me

don't stop babe, don't stop
I can't live without you
just remember, only women bleed

Shape And Reshape

Moon plays hide and seek__
Soft shadows cling to wet pavement
Clouds shape and reshape...
Flooding puddles of life...with moonbeams
Reflected, I walk these empty streets that once were mine__

In Your Dreams.......

to night and every night
in your dreams I'll be with you
though I am gone__
close your eyes and I'll be there
our time was short__so unfair
but love lives on forever
close your eyes my dear...
and think of what we had
I will live again, in rain,mist and fog
close your eyes my love, and I will be there

Ordinary Love...

no ordinary love have we
beautiful losers
we can't have it all
beautiful losers we
don't need it all___

Just another rainy night without you
in my dreams, we love and not___
I knew you would not wait
leaving a void in my life
an empty soul

Say That You Love Me

A long time ago
I made a mistake my love
Now long for you every night
Forgive me, forgive me__

Make it like we once knew
Let me in your heart again__
Just want your arms around me
Say that you still love me

Say it my darling__
Say it once more
Tell me you care
Take me back my love
For all time...


Templar Knight's of old
sworn to secrecy
enlighten men so bold
perfect circle never ends
perfect circle never ends
enlighten men so bold
sworn to secrecy
Templar knights of old

The Road Goes On And On......

And the road goes ever on and on
down the lane
pass violets, purple-blue
and iris standing tall
on and on it goes___

Will I follow where it leads___
or stay just one more day
the road goes ever on and on
lost in grass so green

I walk through fields of button daisies
a myriad of color and splendor___
and the road goes ever on and on
down the lane I wander

when will it end
where will it go
in forest...deep
with elven lore____


As a child she spoke little if ever
until the age of five
finding comfort in the deep silence
that she wove tightly around herself

The little girl reached out
Not for an others arms
Content to sit beneath a table
Or in some tiny corner
Where none could find her

But she listened to every sound
Every word which assaulted her tender ears
She had heard them
Every day every night
And she knew
She knew she wanted no part of it

Shadows were her playmates
Darkness her best friend
For darkness hid her well

When discovered her large gray eyes
Would close in fear
Her little body trembled
But not a word would she utter
Just a tiny moan broke free from her
Then silence
Silence until it would start again

Stairway to ...Heaven

radiant made of gold
my feet seem to float
above these golden steps

my spirit is not afraid
but full of wonderment
faintly, I hear the pipers play

amazing grace that saved a wreck like me

I only wish for one thing
to take hold of your hand
so we might buffer the mighty winds

and climb the stairway into eternity
on the wind together
hand and hand to face judgement
and our love, before Him.


I am getting older
so are you
don't want to see you cry
roses grow older lovers too
the root of it all
is unforgiving time___

Spring.....So Late........

spring has come so late this year
with each cold slowly hesitant step
seeds await her lazy heartless path__
clinging to life in frost bitten earth
all lies empty and needs her touch
her force of life must offer it's own__
only her blood can bring life from death

I Would Follow.......

there are many ways to die
to leave this world behind
I ask for no pity from you

you have not walked were I have
nor seen what I have seen__
nothing is sure in this life

I always thought we were soul mates
now I know opposites don't really attract
Oh, they may spark on fire for awhile but dim__

I pray it might not be so in the next
to walk amid clouds of wings__
wings that cover your naked soul

It will be as if I never was
forgive me Lord, I am so tired
make me as if never born__

here comes the goodbye...goodbye
to all your wonders and beauty
my soul is ready,oh give me leave sweet Lord

my heart is so broken and empty
tonight, I have no arms to keep me warm
yes my soul is ready, give me leave__give me leave

Curel Heart

cruel heart have you
after all this time
we have been one together

leave me to tend my phlox
and trim my roses that
we planted long ago in rich black soil

with gentle a caress and abiding love
though thorns rip and tear at my heart
love cannot die, it breaths for me

for our garden will still be tended
with shaking hands, tears water them well
though spring has come, it is an empty one

love cannot die but remains in my veins
forever young forever true
even unto the death of my body, my soul loves on

The Sea

Mist rises from the ocean's depth.
The sea, green gray, dark and deep.
Each wave rushes towards me, then
like a forlorn lover recedes again.

Sprites, sirens of the night call to me

as they dance upon the white foam.
Glittering in the darkness.
And I watch the enigmatic moonlight
change the tiny beings' colors, sliver gold.
As they like dancers in the dead of night,
leap from wave to wave.

Crystalline laughter echoes softly. Almost
lost in the surf's sound. My feet, naked, buried
deep within the sand that pervades my flesh with
And I wait.
Wait for the tide to once more slip slowly
back into the murky sea.
I wait and dawn breaks to warm my cold still body

Primrose In My Garden Grows

silently grows
in twilight's shadows

delicate and frail
not to last the night

And yet it
lingers still
at morning's light

Her Words of Color.......

When she spoke
her words became
shades of silver and gray
Filling the morning mist
rising from her body
with a rainbow of thoughts
In her mind
she could see herself
covered in their silky touch.
Colors sparkled as she moved
breathing in and out
she walked
colors swirling around her
In a maze she walked
while jeweled tones fell
gently beneath her feet.
Her eyes opened upon the morning world
seeing what others could not
The color of her words
filled her with wonder
as her laughter echoed
in silver and gray

Moon Tides...

pale cold light
spun quicksilver
on gossamer leaves.

moon tides ebb then flow
as men's hearts...
ride the luminous waves

The Old Path

the old path overgrown and empty
lead deep into the forest
ending at a worn intersection

here she stop, remembering
time and him, days long gone
washed away with tears

Monday, June 8, 2009

These Grapes....

these grapes have grown strong
excellent in both color and taste
so full of earths sweetness__

easily they ripen__
Gods gift to mankind so rare so pure
abused with lust and greed

ripe juicy grapes of love
apples in mans eyes__
point ever to the end

easy to believe in such wholeness
filling you soul with need__
the sea of love drowns all who come

Emily's Garden

Roses blooming a myriad of color
deep red, violet, pink and pale white
these are Emily's roses
this is Emily's garden

Rich lush flowers grew abundantly
covering trellises, filling pots
hanging from the back porch
bright colors of the rainbow

Once so lovingly tended, each day
her small bent form could be seen
long elegant fingers worked their magic
in cool black earth

Now with the summers end
the garden grows wild
dissolute dandelions and tuberose
entwine Emily's roses

Gone the sweet scents she loved so
gone the shaded cool pathways leading
to a tiny carved angel next to a pond
creeping myrtle and ivy, choke
sweet William and her tiny forget-me-nots

First Time We Touch........

first time we touched
stars filled the sky
and the moon shone on your face__

your touch, your kiss, your love
oh I need your arms around me
I pray your still the one__

take me, make me yours
I can feel your heart beating in time with mine
we made it for all this years__

we must have been blind...so blind
our love divine is true for all time
we made it, we made it all so real__

Memory Of Me

remember the after glow of smiles
bright summer days
laughter whispering softly
an echo of life's path

let those who grieve
dry your tears my dear
on soft rose petals
left behind as I rest when life is done

All My ...Dreams

summer ebbs
with ocean tides flow
all my dreams
never to return
never to be

Gone From Me

Red roses for his grave lay
On fresh turned earth
My heart has gone with him
Always and forever I will be his
Never to forget that sweet smile,oh wait for me
Causing tears to freely flow remembering
Eyes so blue,my soul pleads be at rest my love

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dandelion Dreams

once more
to lie
amid a haze,
a deep yellow-green field
of dandelions.

their pungent order
so bitter sweet
fills the long liquid
days of summer.

as she, suspended...
in one
moment of sunlight...
slowly, bends
to pick this heady brew
the last feast of seasons end

Live Water....

high in the mountains
live water....once snow
merrily...rushes downstream

Hazy Moon......

listless ...moon light
wander I on dim lite...paths
a haze around the moon tonight

beneath it's silken beams
shadows follow...my past
tiredness over comes me

erased...from now
reason...scattered in time
I stumble...no star to follow

a mere shell of regrets...sorrow
only my heart remains
numb...empty...torn and grazed

Green Eyes.....

In his eyes I long to be
In his arms that call to me___
Oh sweet love, hold me close
So I may shine in your eyes...so green


Hello friends and readers. I have lost my BD blog. While in hospital for two weeks my blog came under attack and was removed. I must have downloaded some malware.I am so sorry if any of you were spammed. I am unable to use any part of Beloved Dreamer. So I have renamed another site and will use this as my web page. It will take some time to get it going.