Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Only A Breath Away.......

Only A Breath Away.......

spring has come once more
touching the sweet new earth
like a painter's pallet filling
the winter void with colors
vivid, so vivid your eyes tear with joy

another spring without you my love
planting tulips and lily of the valley
can not fill the hole in my heart.
I long for your embrace, your kisses
your scent but most of all your gray eyes

eyes that held me close to your heart
as I kneel ripping weeds away each year
from your resting place, I weep, weep
for such beauty is no more
still I hear your voice calling me, come, come

my life was you and although I know
my tears water the flowers I tend
my hand reaches out to feel the dirt
that separates us, one from another
I know my darling we are but a breath away

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