Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Don't Stop....

don't stop babe,don't stop
tomorrow is just one more day
nothing matters babe

one man on the chess board
mushrooms free for all
remember only women...bleed

I can't stand alone
let it ride babe let it ride
only women bleed...

don't make me cry babe
must I always be waiting for you
don't stop, please don't stop

I'm into you too deep
at your touch I'm raptured
and my soul flies...

come on my love fly away with me
as I look into the sea
in my dreams, you walk free...

I want for you babe
don't give my love away...
oh babe, you give yourself to me

don't stop babe, don't stop
I can't live without you
just remember, only women bleed

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