Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


she wares black for lost love
her unending pain wraps her heart

Seven Sins.....

seven times seven she replayed
no,I shall not submit
Gaderel a fallen angel,servant of
the shinning one,the prince of darkness
spoke again

I will give thee all this world offers if you submit
No she said,shaking her head slowly
Yesus Ha' Masches has blinded you with lies
come join us the Dinarans and you shall live

the earth is our playground
and by Gods will we have been given
free range to tempt his followers in to the fold
join us taking up the coin and be all powerful
wearily once more she said no

staked on an upside down cross
her suffering was great
seven times seven she would not commit these sins

then Azrill spoke to her
unless you take up the coin and submit
you shall die as did Yeshua Ha Mashaches
the Christ of your belief
he cannot save you from death

again,weakly she replayed
no I shall not take up the coin
Jesus is my savior
and will greet me deaths end
for I have run the race and passed through the narrow gate

Monday, June 27, 2011


joy is the life lived
sung in the mind echoing
rustling tree tops

live each day granted
harboring no ill towards man
follow the straight path

though the narrow gate
to eternity....


joy is a life led
happy the paths s he follows
love comes from your soul

fill each day with joy
following the narrow gate
answering mans call

live each day in joy
following the narrow path
for those who seek him

martyrs of this faith
for those who seek his salvation
the gate is narrow

blessed are they who will not see
and believe in me

Memory Of Me

remember the after glow of smiles
bright summer days
laughter whispering softly
an echo of life's path

let those who grieve
dry your tears my dears
on soft rose petals
left behind as I wait at rest
for you my heart when life is done

with primrose in my hair

The Moon And The Stars...

the moon and the stars
were the gifts you gave to me
remember our first kiss?

that moved the earth
froze my soul__
and made my heart tremble
the touch of you the smell of you

first time we loved___
could feel our heartbeat as one
so close, so close for all time
such joy I've never known

Join the fun!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Abbey

The old abbey lies in ruin where once monks,the holy order of St Francis tended their gardens and grape vines.No earthly riches did they possess.The poor brothers gave asylum to all that asked.Each day they rose at dawn,sang their liturgy and prayers.Then going into the small village below,offering food and potions to the needy. Sacrificing their evening meal to feed the poor and sick at heart,laboring till dusk.To the villagers these simple men where saints from God.For surely no mortal man would do so much for another.
When the evensong's bell rang,all of the community gathered in the Church of Our Lady Of The Snow.There they knelt on icy cold stone floors in silent meditation.Heads bowed before a unadorned cross.These simple men prayed for each man,woman and child of the hamlet.A low moan filtered the incense filled air.One of the older brothers suffered in much pain.Still the monks prayed offering up his agony to the Lord.One fall day after the grape harvest,men in black clocks rode into the village.The people knew what they sought.Casting their eyes up towards the stone abbey that shown rose colored in the sun light.The strangers raced up a dirt road of St Francis.Reaffirmation's might had come to brake the Popes hold seeking all who had not taken the Kings oath.Old wooden doors unbarred enclosed the abbey.The monks still at prayer made no move to stop them. Each one stood straight ready for Gods will.Only their lips moved in whispers of forgiveness and mercy for these men. Moments later all were dead or dieing. Pools of blood covering the old church floor.Images of God and his saints abounded.Burn it all someone shouted and the saints of St Francis were no more.

the old abbey scorched
lush grape vines blackened and burned
mans cruelty to man

Angels On High

angels from on high
cover me with star light dust
quench my thirst with love

spread wide your wings with
summers timely end your
sweet melody rises

cover my children
wondering is sleeps dark dreams
keep them safe this night

lead them to the light
guiding their way down the path
into a new dawn

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer's End.

Within this stone,lies a heart buried deep. Silent,still,hollow it beats no more. Where once love blossomed true only to be cut down at summers end. Once she graced this earth with beauty.Forgotten but for he who loved her. Dear John she called him. He waits as the days turn into winter. Waiting for death to call.

I was too late for the last prompt so I used them both to tell my story.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Threshold

the threshold none can cross
invited you must be
all things of darkness cannot pass
shadows of the fallen of long ago

they rage and scream in silence
withering swaying back and forth
but none can enter uninvited
for the threshold is built strong as the cross

it burns and stings their rotted skin
still they are trapped in thick undulating air
safety lies within the spell you cast
the wards block the way a holy shield

strong the wizard a warden for all man kind
his power born from what fills his soul,heart and mind
all whom seek asylum must hold the threshold whole
against black shapes that wait in the dark

never let it go..

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eve In The Garden

an apple
once picked long ago
in summer
by her hand
she must know knowledge within
darkness fills the world

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sun Blind

blind in the sun light
my deep set eyes dead orbs
yet the sun warms me

I can hear the sea
echos fill my clouded eyes
my soul peels away

hot rain falls lightly
layer after layer melts
once more my eyes see

Storm Winds

wind weaves through tree tops
the leaves turn up and over
clouds race the dark storm

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet Lily

wearing but a woven crown of pale lilies
her blacken skin slick with sweat
glistens, a mirror without an image

each movement, each step silent
her body tense, she pauses...listening intently
to the sounds around her
garnet lips form a half smile
she moves once again...invisible
in the the fading light

mute speaking no language
the sound of the wind, the birds of the air
called out as she passed,a patron well known
her shade having no form no substance yet dense
she cast spells and patterns against the broad leaves

some sought her of legend
some for the touch of her hot hot flesh
some a kiss from her blooded mouth
some the feel of her velvet musky skin

sweet lily was she...
sweet her scent to taste
while man's being burned with desire...
tossing and turning in slumber
while white the glow of a lily
she comes in a dream

sweet Lily was she...with a bitter sting
sweet dark as the night she savored
sweet the reaping of men's hearts...
pulsating with each beat
death, decay, dust and ashes lie in her wake

sorrowful Lily not she...
meekly, the fools followed as carrion she made
quick to the core, flaying their souls...
men's lustful natures betraying any hope

unredeemed, a nightmare that never ends
wet dripping...she carries them one by one
in her cold cruel cruel hands
sweet Lily was she...a gift to man
abandoned all to the alter of fate

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Dear friends and readers. I have once again been very ill. Feeling some what better. Hope to be writing soon.