Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seven Sins.....

seven times seven she replayed
no,I shall not submit
Gaderel a fallen angel,servant of
the shinning one,the prince of darkness
spoke again

I will give thee all this world offers if you submit
No she said,shaking her head slowly
Yesus Ha' Masches has blinded you with lies
come join us the Dinarans and you shall live

the earth is our playground
and by Gods will we have been given
free range to tempt his followers in to the fold
join us taking up the coin and be all powerful
wearily once more she said no

staked on an upside down cross
her suffering was great
seven times seven she would not commit these sins

then Azrill spoke to her
unless you take up the coin and submit
you shall die as did Yeshua Ha Mashaches
the Christ of your belief
he cannot save you from death

again,weakly she replayed
no I shall not take up the coin
Jesus is my savior
and will greet me deaths end
for I have run the race and passed through the narrow gate


Patti said...

Nicely done; yours spoke volumes- This prompt was a challenge for me- I had to learn alot!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Much Patti. So glad you liked it.


Anonymous said...

i have no doubt when you write this poem, you have kinda revelation "the things which revive the words you take"
by reading this, i realize that we trapped in the circle of sin... *sigh* I should increase my faith (",)