Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Primrose Beneath An Ochre Sky

A slowly fading ochre sky greets twilight
As new born evening primrose open their hearts
lifting their heads to the nights coolness

At sunrise the ripe blossoms fall seeding the earth
With the setting sun once again the cycle begins
Twilight brings forth new blooms of desire in summers thick air

So short the time each flower lives......

In the rising ochre sky the the old wax and wan
Giving way to the new buds soon to flower
Though their time is short their beauty fills one's heart

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Too Hot To Write

My brain is melting. No central air. Very hot in computer room. Maybe tomorrow.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Night Passion

summers heat paints red sky's
soft bodies cling fire flashes
low moans rise with the moon

sultry darkness calls all
the new moons sweet taste of passion
lovers kiss in twilight

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


we were born to love
born be as one
our bodies woven tightly
by tears and time

time that once separated us
still we fall together
melting under the weight of
a sultry summers heat

passion ripens in the twilight
as we lie close searching,touching
each kiss a remembered sweetness
all under the stars and the old pinked moon

our heartbeats ride it's moon tides
love,lust,want and need all
course through our blood
till we burn like fire

nothing can change this oneness
we have become


red clouds
candy colored pinwheels
spin across sky's of violet

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pale Pink Seashells

quietly radiant...her slight figure
stepped swiftly though the cold sand
pausing now and again ever looking
for pale pink seashells that hugged
the azure shoreline...
she slowly walked the tides
each footstep erased with the ocean's pull
gone forever from time and memory

Down To The Sea

Down to the sea in sorrow she walked...
obsessed with the black glacial ocean.
She circled the cold wet rocky sand
walking deeper and deeper into the outgoing tide.
With each wave her steps washed away forever.
The dark depths called out to her...
Some thought her mad...those without feeling and pity
others whom had walked her walk knew the hot pain of loss.
Some wondered for what she searched,
was it the echo of the mighty humpbacked whales
that sing their haunting song of love as they swam the shoreline.
Alone standing in the twilight,she could hear their lament
She turned as her shadows that ever followed
softly called...fear not the sea it is your lover
he has returned and waits for you...deep amid the waves.
She looked back once more then walked in to the ocean's arms
his arms, for it was here the sea had claimed him.
Drowning in want and need...she answered his call

down to the black sea
forever trapped in sorrow
her heart searched for him

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moring Glories

shining in beauty
morning glories
blue and white
wrap around my pouch
tempting honey bees
for it's sweet nectar

Trumpet Vine

golden trumpet vine
weaves up the deck screens
racing the Ivy from a quince tree.

Evening Primrose

early morning__
sleepy primrose
nod their heads

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Too Close In The Dark

love hurts love burns
it brakes the heart
it wounds the soul
drawn to close to its flame

mummer's in the dark
sighs and whispers
oh oh my love
to hot to brief to close we melt away

Friday, June 4, 2010

One More Time......

one more time baby
just one more time
one last kiss baby
just one more time
time to feel your body next to mine
just one more kiss before goodbye
one more time baby
one more time.....

Widows Walk

one cold blustery day
she paced back and forth
back and forth, alone
crossing the bare planked widows walk

he been gone now these two long years
whaling far north in the Iceland flow
two years and not a sight nor message

Abraham, she cried silently in her heart
Abraham, you promised to return
I've waited for you all this time

the widows walk was what it was,plan pine boards
when wives of seaman began their walk
high a top the house it was know by all
some lost a sea would not return

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wipe Away Every Tear

he had always been there
he had my blindside....
still does....

no matter how many years
have flown by....
or how far apart we are....

he is a part of me
and I a part of him
we have the cord that binds

someday we will be together again
when God shall wipe away every tear.

The Shadow

The Shadow

each night there is a shadow in my room
almost visible like someone under water
light cuts through and bends at odd angles
swirling colors spin wildly in the darkness
I feel no fear of this moving spirit
only intense longing for what once was
vivid blues wrap me in sweet dreams and whispers
I know this spirit, I know him so well
his blue eyes watch over me every night
while am safe and cared for till we meet again

tears have no power
beneath billowing clouds
---soft blue skies

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


when I look into your deep blue eyes
it takes my breath away....
I drown in those eyes

each time I look at you....
you know just how to make me tremble

when you whisper soft an low
your kiss on my neck....

my body opens like a primrose
ah, I breath you in....

my body is an open book....
a book you have learned to read so well

as you turn the pages, every sigh is there
every moan is there....

you play your game with me....
until I can wait no longer

Living Waters......

living waters
pond ripples
across time


morning breaks
pool of sweat