Monday, May 31, 2010

Hallway Doors.........

late at night when the moon has set
my sleeping form lifts raising from my quilt

turning....I look down at what I had left behind
one fleeting glance, a smile

my body hesitates....for a moment
then I effortlessly float from one door to the other

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


rises with the moon
sets with the sun
weaving patterns of love.....
deep purple, violet blue,red
hearts burn hot in the night
bodies move under the stars
in slow rhythm with the universe

mornings slick dew, shimmers with stars light
shadows now follow all......
gone the nights heat and desire
gone the power and image of love
we are all chained for life......
a sentence without a chance of parole
hidden from the days light, waiting for dark

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not For Me.....

not for me.......


you are beside my soul
longing to touch
are hearts beat as one
our hearts beat as one
longing to touch
you are beside my soul

Monday, May 24, 2010


floating my soul drifts
lightly over fields of grass
covered in blue haze....

Pink Roses In The Dew...........

early morning dew
pink roses sweet tender leaves
each drop sparkling.......

within each dew drop
your scent over comes my soul
sweetness cover me........

Sand Writing

my love, I can still feel you next to me
here along the hot beach front sands
I can still hear the beats of our entwined hearts

I write your name in the sand mixed with tears
sweet tears from your eyes and mine together
though I am alone your love is with me forever

Friday, May 21, 2010

Longing for.......You

I can feel what you think
Even though it is not spoken
Something has made you unhappy
In the words you is reveled

I can only hope that I am not the reason

I can only pray that I will hear from you again....
You know how I feel and what I think
You know my beats for you
You know my longing...though unspoken

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Cord......Breaks

love so fleeting so sad
we are each the love of someone's life
love so great you can never forget

love so strong it changes your existence
love so full your heart is heavy
we each are the love of someone's life

is it them we see or just a reflection of ourselves
do we know when it happens
do we allow our hearts to love and be loved

to be held in their arms
only to leave them in the end
to leave them at the foot of an open grave

never to love and be loved again
their lives over as the cord breaks
leaving us to mourn what once was

we each are the love of someone's life

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


as my sight faded from this life
my last thought was of you

now I float among the night stars
i travel the milky way always in search of you

here where time has no meaning
floating in the night sky

the moon lights my way
and I can hear my last words to you

forget-me not
forget-me not

oh my love forgive me
for leaving so soon

you must go on
till we meet again

for I am close to you
standing in the shadows
still loving and wanting you

Life Is A Fantasy........

is life but a fantasy
with no escape...

"anyway the wind blows
it doesn't matter to me"

you loved me and left me to die

never to return
"it doesn't matter to me"

life is up for grabs
let my heart be free

"anyway the wind blows"

for your love is gone
please set me free

"anyway the wind blows"
it's all the same to me.

The Pattern Of You.....

in my dream life
I walk the old patterns of the past

the one that leads to you

my steps are slower now
down the empty hallways
that echo of you

my heart see no way out

this path leads to sorrow
to heart break, death
my will crumbles each step I take


I would walk
the old familiar pattern of you

Body Heat......

In your arms I tremble
In your eyes I am lost
Drowning in memories

Just thinking of you
I am weak and trembling
My heart skips a beat

Once more across time
We are together again
Across these many years

I feel your body heat
I taste your lips and soul
Oh, trembling I am lost in dreams

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Key

she wore the locket for thirty years
the golden locket to her heart
the key she had given long ago....

years passed with nothing to fill the locket
she longed for someone from the past
she longed for a piece of him to fill the locket

searching forever, she found him....
so many years separated them, so much time
still her heart longed for him

no matter the age and time passed
her love only blossomed
now in the spring her longing is the greatest

oh come back to me, ti's but yesterday that we made love
but yesterday we held each other close
but yesterday I gave you the key, the key to my soul

Monday, May 17, 2010

In Your Dreams........

to night and every night
in your dreams I'll be with you
though I am gone__
close your eyes and I'll be there
our time was short__so unfair
but love lives on forever
close your eyes my dear...
and think of what we had
I will live again, in rain,mist and fog
close your eyes my love, an I will be there

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Miss your Love

i remember loving you
loving you more then life
i remember the feel of you
the smell of you.....
the taste of your lips
i have never forgotten our time together

rather the few years we had
is more real then the
years that separate us.....
I close my eyes and once again we are young
once again i am yours
once again we are laughing and making love

my empty soul will never forget
what i so easily cast away
forgive me my love i so miss the sound of your voice
so miss the touching of our bodies
we were carefree and so in love
i mourn your loss every day

When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls
I look up to the night sky
Listening to the moon.

It seems so short a time you been gone
Times moves on with you
Without us

On brights nights like this
I can almost hear your voice in the wind
Almost see your eyes in the stars

This brings me peace for awhile
For awhile I feel close to you
Wrapped once more in your arms

Stars reign in the nights veil
Stepping stones that lead me to you
The pale moon smiles approving of my dream

And dream I will this night and always
dreaming of you as you and I were
dreaming till we are together once more

Monday, May 10, 2010


heavy burdens to bear
hidden deep within
you are a stowaway
clinging to my heart
growing in darkness
a thickening web of deceit
till I am caged buried
in a maze of roots

gentle dew drops fall
natures tears fill me
patterns of love and loss
folded away in my memory box

when I think of you
the old patterns follow me
my love still strong
though I know it can never be

Neglected Garden

wisteria grows
planted once by loving hands
now neglected tangles all
early birds sing
wake up call
covers over my head

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Boy With Cornfower-Blue Eyes

that day long ago I first saw you
still shines brightly in my mind

you tall handsome and shy
oh, with those cornflower-blue eyes

you, so soft spoken and loving
those eyes , I could drown in them

your beautiful voice so lyrical
melted my heart and filled me with awe

I would travel back in time
to change all that went wrong.

just to have you, love you ,to make you mine
and give you babies with cornflower-blue eyes

Fade Away

memories are all that is left now
carefully sorted and stored
in a satin lined box, pieces of my life

your love letters
your sweet smile
and your dark blue eyes

all reside there
wrapped in pale pink ribbons
pictures so old that they have faded

all of this I treasure next to my heart
late at night I wander over you in my mind
tears want to fall and do

my soul so wounded that last day
I know I must pack this box away
far from my sight but I have no will

no will to go on, no will to forget your kiss
to forget the love we had that was perfection
I am helpless to its power over me

so weary that I would sleep
sleep deeply as not to wake
floating on my dreams
and like the pictures of you, fade away

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Message In A Bottle......

a message in a bottle
so long ago
years have passed without response

laying on the sand
idle thoughts bleach my mind
a hot breeze fevers my body

sunlight unforgiving
beats down on skin and bones
melting my will to live

are you there?
do you still think of me?
I miss you so

a message in a bottle
floats gaining and receding
in time and tides

The Clowns

painted white faces
black circles under glass eyes
friendly...they do not smile

they creep towards me
in somersaults spinning
to music only they can hear

I am trapped by their stares
daddy,daddy I whisper
tugging on his arm...he does not notice

slowly, nearer and nearer
I want to scream___
I want to run___

reaching with white gloved hands
now, I frozen with fear, jump up
the lights go dark and I drift away

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


behind each setting of the sun
ripe passion fruit glimmers
before moon rise with it's tender rays

the honey coated deep red gift
glows with luminosity from within it's very core
lovers fruit, hot swollen in the night's furnace

heat ready dripping with lush expectations
many have caressed it's silken flesh
seeking a granted wish for those who dare
to bind their souls bodies for all time

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


these sad blue eyes
long to see your face
these arms long to hold you
these lips long for your kiss

coming together, passion
our body heat rises
simmering sizzling erupting
in a flash, we are consumed

The Maze Of My Heart

puzzled, lost in shadows of night
visions weave in and out
all in knots caught up in you
in the maze of my heart

hidden away my face blank
none to see my truth
none to know my thoughts
an enigma, mystery of my past

Monday, May 3, 2010

Humming Birds

little jewel like birds
heart beat of summers sweet nectar
sipping then are gone

Your Kiss

I can't sleep
your kiss I can't forget
love does not die
nor fade like roses
I want, I need to be with you
trapped inside your eyes
wish you could see me
wish you were mine


endless pain
living empty hollow
to sleep my dream

Sunday, May 2, 2010