Friday, December 3, 2010

Ancient Of Days

the antique building
stood alone amidst moonlight
ancient of days calls

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Mists Of Avalon

mists of Avalon
stretchers across the wide lake
look the moon is full

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Virgin A Day

My Virgin today
brightly carved in glided wood
carry's hopes and dreams

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


in gratitude of life and love
i thank thee my sweet
neither years nor wear
can ever tarnish you my love
for we in joint gratitude
sing our joy for all eternity


I bring the instinct
bind it always to my heart
none can follow this


this time of years end
autumn breezes meld my soul
to snow filled white tears

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

White Moon

as the sun rises
behind the white moon
black birds fill the air

sweet song birds to sing
fly over the sea
in and out of mists.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Island Adventure

here in the heart of the island
our adventure begins
cool sand follows our steps
as we greet the undergrowth

shadows loom close now
as we near the path unknown
cool is our journey as we walk this path
I know not the way but we struggle on

this island holds secrets profound
In the distance I hear the softness
of falling water
water, life giving water

it is here I will wait and
hope for rescue amid palms and vines
ever waiting for a sign of life
among the tall grass

sand digs deep my path
shade in the distance
wet leaves crushed beneath

Tiger Cat

the tree
planted long ago
beneath soil and roots she lies
sweet Queenie my cat

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Night Of Passion

oh lover pause not
we lie together this night
our bodies are one

to night passions calls
we weave our souls together
as moonbeams shine down

This Day She Is Wed

in preparation
flowers are cut,vase is filled
this day she is wed.

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Melting With In

she clasped the knife close
blending into black shadows
and waited for him

now the time had come
years and years of pain and fear
will melt away with him

Mighty Oak

the oak
last leaves to fall
a majesty of bright orange
bows about it's roots

come spring, the first buds

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night Vision

is it a dream
that silent flash
behind our eyes
lingering still
with the morning light
a bit of darkness from
our souls

dreams, masters of
nights sweet call
fill our hearts and
minds, a double blind

nightmares roll by
dark clouds
that rain down their fear
as dead leaves fall

night walks it's beat
vivid images turned real
magic horses up and down
merry go round ever
spinning it's web

but we are free
once morn's light
creeps to fill
the dark places

what was that, we might ask
as a black shape flits
across our vision
just a dream, a fragment
of night and time

Thursday, November 4, 2010


in this world of joy and sorrow
heavy grows our masks in this masquerade
this paper life, this empty grace,this sting of death
for what left now this bit of soul grown null and void

too late too late the sands have drifted away
we are left naked cold and alone
harsh winter winds hold tight wrapping
our bodies in raw,rigid darkness,frozen in time

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Which Way My Heart

which way my heart goes
moving through time and sorrow
each step my soul weeps

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Mystic Ocean

layered clouds of mist
ride the silver lit ocean
pinwheel colors rise

mystic fall shadows
moonbeams light the changing stars
magic fills the void

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goldenberrys Garden

as the moon rises
Goldenberry's garden grows
fancy silver gilt

along the river
she picks pale blooms in the night
like moonbeams they shine

when her baskets full
she drops one sparkling bloom
for the river God

and sings a sweet song
as the river water swells
her laughter fills all

Monday, November 1, 2010


Hello friends and readers. I have been ill but am now better. I have a lot to catch up on.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


by the dim iridescence of the setting moon
we all walk the silent pathways of life
born of woman and son of man
destined to die, oh the pathway is swift

The Wreath...At the Cross Road.

Each year around this time
a faded green wreath hangs
on the yellow cross-road sign.

It's once bright ornament's
and gaily wrapped tiny presents...
have lost their luster to the
bitter cold winter winds.

Swaying with each gust, the wreath
is somehow anchored both in the
present and the past...
anchored safely in the bright,blinking
red and green light of caution.

But as all things must...
those who would have know it's purpose
have long since past from memory...

All, gone to their rest in the deep
hard-dark frozen earth...
their names forgotten, buried in the soil
they once tiled.

Soon, she that remembers still...
the sweet-golden boy of summer
with cornflower blue eyes and hair
of spun gold...

Remembers still his tender heart and
honeyed voice...
that echo's faintly in the laughing
winter trees.

Soon, soon she too will come no more
and the sad, worn little green wreath...
that has hung at the cross roads
for twenty long unforgiving years.

Twenty years lost in the early darkness
of youth mind and time...
will be but one more frozen image
tattered, worn...

And the golden boy of summer
that oh so, sweet-faced boy of summer
with eyes of cornflower blue...
will be lost forever in the darkness
that he so feared...
For none will ever come again
to hang his sad little wreath.

Unleash Me

unleash my soul, my heart, my love
free me from this sorrowful world
seasons change yet we remain
trapped in our humanity

She Comes The Night

time and rivers flow
beneath velvet starlit skies
serene comes the night

Monday, October 18, 2010

Only A Breath Away

memories of you are a keepsake
only a breath away

your smile so boyish warms my heart
I feel you touch my hot skin

your body cools me wraps me in want
missing you is more then I can bear

come to me my dreamer,my champion
fly me away back in time

when our bodies were entwined...lovers
when all was bright and new

just the two of us with not a care in the world
where the world could not hurt us

Oh such music we made
Oh how now I weep

I need your mouth your lips your hands
cover me with kisses my love
and wake me from this lonely dream

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Empty Bench

Autumn robed in gold
the leaves ever changing hues
remember what was

winds blow sleepy trees
covering a lonely bench
empty for all time

The Rose Of Sharon

pure gift to mankind
the rose of Sharon blooms sweet
unblemished god's love

Children Of The Fae

they dance beneath the moon
children of the forest
round and round their circle grows

their voices echo high and sweet
chanting spell that bind the heart
growing bright in the setting sun

ever seeking the weak,tired and weary
hollowed souls,empty husks
moon blind spirits that stumble and fall

they chant again and again

woodsmoke fills the damp air
their forms drift in and out
casting black illuminations

sweet children of the Fae
shape shifters singing songs
sires of the shadows

woven deep within forests dark
warp and weft, ever spinning
a web of desire, want and need

magical beings of immortality
their faces beautiful to behold
all is lost as the circle closes

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Angels Around Me

try,try as I might
I cannot find my way home
angels lead me there

born in darkness void
please let my soul fly
west word to to sea

hold me tight in your mighty wings

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"What Lips My lips Have Kissed"

"What lips my lips have kissed"
What sighs my heart has known
When summer was once nigh
those lips were ripe and mine

Love converged my soul, my heart
I remember your kisses warm and tender
Now a kiss is a memory long gone

Oh but of his bliss I have known
being and form I have been
my Ecstasy his hand and his touch

Thus all, all treasured by me
Come lover and lie close
to my willing body

For"what lips my lips have kissed"
come lover to my soul
And we shall shun the starlit Sky's


white foam breaks to shore
captured sands swirling colors
the sea's patterns form

waves come with each crest
shifting the sands of mankind
a vortex of sorrow

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Empty House

gone the meaning of my life
grown to men now
pretty babies were they
handfuls of love and wonder

I miss their sound and play
their innocent big blue eyes
just the joy of their being
remembering embraces sweet

this and so much more
forever captured in my heart
seen through teary eyes
my boys, my love, my empty house

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tatiana's Fancy

he knows me well
this boy,this child
wandering through my realm
for he dares to call my name

I seek him now,his mortal soul
and the ripeness of his lips
come now my little one my own
oh lie with me upon my wildflower bed

we’vie but the summer to spend
for I would bind you in my spell
where we shall love like no others have
courting high summer’s bountiful nectar

fret not my dear one when Mab grows strong
and winter ends my reign
when cruel storms take away our bliss
for I shall wrap you tight in gossamer and silver webs

loving me shall take your life
with in a moment,a blink in time
I shall drink your essence dry
for your life’s blood is forfeit to me

a tear I’ll shed when you have passed
your beauty faded and gone
and miss you so these long winter nights
till summer comes again

and I shall take another to my bed

Renewal The Mandala

breathless, the circle
yet seen
moves unchanged

a flame of the heavens
shinning lamp
ebbs and flows
making way
in the sea of life

created, before time
the Mandela
in grace and form
beginning and end

master of all
life and death
engulfs matter
spins through eternity
a shimmering orb
deep in it's void

thick is the circle
patterns pulsate in time,blood
attach and detach
the Mandala
but to start anew

eternal...master creator
we, are rekindled
burning bright but a moment
over and over
again and again
renewal in motion

the lamplight's path we glide
only to end,begin
the circle, the great Mandela
drifts cracking
as it rides the void

Dark Dreams

look, look deep into your eyes
behind the color blue
rimed with darkness
a nebula world, one few know
few care, few will ever see

in twilight, your eyes open
letting in the nights shadows
shadows that fill you
shadows that complete you
weaving webs of deceit and fear

beware the dimly lit paths
aglow around you, drawing, pulling
like spirit lights on the moors
we will suck you dry and snatch your soul
no second chance, no escape

Monday, September 27, 2010


unmarked mossy ground
bares witness those that were
sacred tears still flow

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Loves Monument

built from sorrows tears
stone angles weep ever more
were once love did bide

Red Roses

come lie red roses upon my breast
wet with dew and tears
kiss my lips one more time
before you leave my heart
then cover me gently in autumns sheet

Speak But My Name

speak but my name
my life will have meaning
speak but my name
love will come full turn
speak but my name
on a full moon's night
speak but my name
and forget me not
whisper it softly when the bells chime
that's when I shall be near
and love thee all the more

To Hide Away

bleak corridors
an old guest in empty ballrooms
a place to hide
hide myself away

my companion
shadows each step
as I flounder,stray
leave me...
you are not my love
my card is full
and I would not dance

thirst, never ending
ensues me
I would drink
drink deeply
quench thy thirst
now liquid,I stumble
to this my measured end
raptured infinite
where time is forgotten

oh sweet peace
hidden deep
shame fear
I am, obliterated
sensing nullity
released,my body, flows
unreal surreal

no feeling now
my mind is thick and slow
drowning in hues of black
struggling not
I, have found the crack
in which to hide
unheard, I am sacrosanct
my soul is lost
lost forever more.

The Color Of Her Words

When she spoke
her words became
shades of silver and gray
Filling the morning mist
rising from her body
with a rainbow of thoughts
In her mind
she could see herself
covered in their silky touch.
Colors sparkled as she moved
breathing in and out
she walked
colors swirling around her
In a maze she walked
while jeweled tones fell
gently beneath her feet.
Her eyes opened upon the morning world
seeing what others could not
The color of her words
filled her with wonder
as her laughter echoed
in silver and gray

Summer Queen

As the stars fill the heavens above
His heart seeks what he cannot have
The perfection of her soft skin, her face

The love that lies in her eyes, yet not for him
Beauty has molded time, radiant in starlight she shines
Pale as the virgin moon she walks through the forest and fields

"Surely what secrets she endures, her pure glorious features
Come from the constellations...a gift not meant for mankind"