Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She Comes The Night

time and rivers flow
beneath velvet starlit skies
serene comes the night


Ellie said...

Beautiful, love the velvet skies...so
can see it! Stunning~

Leo said...


Your haikus, that u linked, are all very much in the linky widget. I've just seen them... searched for Melanie Bishop. There is an X next to your name, because you've linked that link. If you've linked an incorrect one, clicking on the X can delete that.

I don't know why you're unable to comment on each blog, because all of them have comments open itself. I've bloghopped to 18 blogs and commented, and so have other writers.

I'm not sure why, but your link goes to Bog Lights post, and not this one.. this is of course, a beautiful and serene haiku...! loved them night skies you've pictured..!


SarahA said...

I have tried my hand at such, but don't seem to have been able to capture that fluid softness ( which yours always seem to contain). I am liking this muchly.