Thursday, October 7, 2010


white foam breaks to shore
captured sands swirling colors
the sea's patterns form

waves come with each crest
shifting the sands of mankind
a vortex of sorrow

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Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

"Vortex of sorrow"... very powerful!

Hopefully you're not feeling too much turmoil these days... It takes such a toll on your psyche!

Thanks for playing :) You can grab the link back text from my site for next time, ok? The graphic is there too, but only the text is necessary.

Have a fabulous day!

Victoria said...

Beautiful images.

Jingle said...

love waves and everything related to them.

foxysue said...

The power of the sea can transform, as can the power of mankind, either to build-up or break-down.

We have the power to build beautiful friendships, thank you for commenting on my haiku.

Ria said...

Really great imagery!

rebecca said...

thank you for your visit and pondering of "haiku my heart".
just pure rules, no prompts. i usually post a haiku with mr. linky to collect all those who wish to join in thursday evening.
what i can tell you is that it seems to draw a very passionate group of writers. there is true support and almost everyone without hesitation visits each post and offers a comment before moving on to the next. i admire the intimacy of this....the willingness to not only share ones own voice ...but to acknowledge the offerings of others.
i hope you will join us.