Monday, October 18, 2010

Only A Breath Away

memories of you are a keepsake
only a breath away

your smile so boyish warms my heart
I feel you touch my hot skin

your body cools me wraps me in want
missing you is more then I can bear

come to me my dreamer,my champion
fly me away back in time

when our bodies were entwined...lovers
when all was bright and new

just the two of us with not a care in the world
where the world could not hurt us

Oh such music we made
Oh how now I weep

I need your mouth your lips your hands
cover me with kisses my love
and wake me from this lonely dream


Anonymous said...

Far too many times that I'm able / allowed to admit, memories are the only thing which remains to keep me alive.

Moving piece indeed.

daily athens

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thank you DA. Wish I knew your name. Thanks for reading my work.


Leo said...

hi Melanie, I was rechecking the linkys, but I think it's some problem at your end.. because even this link, coming in from OSI, goes to the post "Bog Lights"...

coming to your poem, Its beautiful.. memories and dreams are all I live with at times..

SarahA said...

'only a breath away 'Memories are only that. Beautiful; you.