Monday, August 30, 2010

Leanan Sidhe

queen of the Fae
lingers in the forests shadows
her voice as sweet as honey
she is compelling and so deadly
singing to all that are lost in the corpse
once so fair of face and form, now is black as night
sunlight and hollowed darkness draws near
hear her voice, wailing in the misty fog
calling all who are lost and hopeless

men will always seek her favor as the moon draws to a close
endless is her power drawing them hence
till time has no meaning at all

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bog Lights

hung low swamp weeds
dark shapes rise like smoke
blog lights dance and swirl
tiny pensive beings wait
ancient souls weep our name

Order Of The Stars

the moon and stars__
gifts we follow closely
shine till the sound of trumpets
and the horsemen ride free

we,two hearts as one
answer the call of the sea,our sister
tossed blindly__wave after wave
ebb and flow
ebb and flow

the pattern must be complete
the time preordained must close
in the end__we,the chaff are now
left over offerings,dull and empty
worthless husks on the thrashing floor

Chello Opus 49

eyes closed
his nimble fingers
caress each worn string

hands weave flutter__
up and down the scales
back and forth,the bow flies

as a low mellow sound resonates

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dreams Of A Child

behind a child's dreams
shadows tread oh so softly
darkness slowly blooms

a mind fresh no fear
swiftly grows within a void
innocence is lost

Monday, August 9, 2010

He That Walks The Night

I am he that walks the night
the connoisseur of darkness
always seeking the weak,the old
shadowing lost dreams and hopes

though hidden my face and form
eyes widen as I pass,knowing my purpose
I seek the rotted minds full of hate and fear
come my little ones I am the best at what I do


I can still see your eyes
In the deep velvet vault of night
Deep blue light in the milky way
In the moons misty blue ring

As I lay spellbound
Watching the heaves move
My memories are full of you
In the winds soft sighs I hear your voice

Ever calling me,come,come my love
Join with me in the darkness
For sweet is it's release
Here where no heartaches or sorrow exist

Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Child's Nightmare

behind our eyes
darkness lurks
the dreams of children
trapped between
a blink in time.

while silent screams
go unheard
for what is dreamt
and what is not

behind our eyes
darkness lurks
the dreams of children
trapped between
a blink in time.

while silent screams
go unheard
for what is dreamt
and what is not

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time Of Acorns...The Journey

leaves, colorful-crisp-dry
crackle beneath ardent feet
as, she walks the worn-rutted path...
layered with ...
falls first death.

sounds, static-bursts
free falling
each a chance
a hope
to live
echo deep into the dark forest.

arachnids, near yet far
weave their unknown journeys
spin spin spin...
across the path-her way
leading to the very-heartbeat,
center-a living grove.

limbs, fingers-lace together
dimming the light of day
as old as time-yet alive with-will
older still,
mighty oaks
in the cold swift-draft
of her passing.

the path, straight never wavers
never changing...
for it is she, that has tilled this soil
she, treading-silent-barefoot
to reach-the center
its essence
its beginning...she seeks
knowing her way-tiny footprints
follow behind her.