Sunday, March 20, 2011


demons lie deep within
far from the worlds light in darkness
hell hounds from beneath
sent to gather the lost
demons full of hate
tricks and black magic abound

Dandelion Dreams

once more
to lie
amid a haze,
a deep yellow-green field
of dandelions.

their pungent order
so bitter sweet
fills the long liquid
days of summer.

as she, suspended...
in one
moment of sunlight...
slowly, bends
to pick this heady brew
the last feast of seasons end

The Curtain Of Your Beinging... Inseparable

My hands open the curtains of your being
I have loved you long these many years
Our hearts entwined, growing together,inseparable

I have memorized the touch of your fragrant silken skin
Each curve a tender path that I must travel
As I reach for your soft mellow body

you tremble ever so slightly as if a cool wind covered your heart
Oh, open your door my love, fill my desire
As I hold you close, I feel your softness melt into me

Friday, March 18, 2011

He Is Gone Forever

hollow is her heart
full of sorrow, eyes empty
he is gone forever


hush hush my sweet one
fear not the darkness of night
cling to me my dear


Hello my friends and readers. I have been ill for a very long time. Just got out of the hospital last week. I hope to be writing again soon.