Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Curtain Of Your Beinging... Inseparable

My hands open the curtains of your being
I have loved you long these many years
Our hearts entwined, growing together,inseparable

I have memorized the touch of your fragrant silken skin
Each curve a tender path that I must travel
As I reach for your soft mellow body

you tremble ever so slightly as if a cool wind covered your heart
Oh, open your door my love, fill my desire
As I hold you close, I feel your softness melt into me


Martin (starwatcher521) said...

I love this piece, especially the first line. Behind the curtain, don't we always find a part of ourselves? Btw: You probably mean "inseparable".

Jingle said...

very detailed write,
awesome job..

Kim Nelson said...

Beautiful sensuous, erotic. Nice write.
Here is my prompt response:

The Write Girl said...

So beautiful, palpable, and tender. I loved this Melanie :)

PremI said...

Beautiful portrayal of gentle love.


Eclipse said...

Beautifully expressed....very emotive, loved it.

Ramesh Sood said...

So very passionately put.. candid indeed..

Vinay said...

beautiful and tender! a nice take Melanie!

Here's My OSI

ms pie said...

the wonderful wonder of familiarity... a beautiful poem... that we would all experience this in a lifetime..