Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Color Of Her Words

When she spoke
her words became
shades of silver and gray
Filling the morning mist
rising from her body
with a rainbow of thoughts
In her mind
she could see herself
covered in their silky touch.
Colors sparkled as she moved
breathing in and out
she walked
colors swirling around her
In a maze she walked
while jeweled tones fell
gently beneath her feet.
Her eyes opened upon the morning world
seeing what others could not
The color of her words
filled her with wonder
as her laughter echoed
in silver and gray


Sherry Blue Sky said...

"as her laughter echoed in silver and gray"......beautifully colorful images throughout........I love this one!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thanks again SBS for reading more of my work. I love the colors of your site and your poetry.


Flying Monkey said...

Beautiful poem! Absolutely love this.

Diane T said...

You are obviously a shimmery glittery person! I love this whoever it is!

flaubert said...

Melanie this is so beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Really like the idea of speaking in colors and it makes your poem both sparkle, and move with slow grace.


gospelwriter said...

This is beautiful, a visual, sensual delight. Love your final lines:

The color of her words
filled her with wonder
as her laughter echoed
in silver and gray

Mary said...

Melanie, what a beautiful poem!or

Derrick said...

A lovely dreamy atmosphere here with light and ethereal silver and grey!

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful, Melanie!

colours lay bare my soul

sharplittlepencil said...

Melanie, the mere idea of words taking on color, her laughter echoing in silver and gray... stunning. You should publish this, truly. I like all your work, but this left me breathless.

Peace, Amy