Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gone To Soon.......

thunder crashing all around
chimes in the wind___
soldiers in the black night
freedom flashing so bright

they the brave, the free
all came when we called
fighting for others rights___

some will live, some will die
they gave the ultimate....
their blood ruins in rivers
deep within my deep

dust storms pours rain down
on lifeless body parts
bear, tears for those deaf and blind

oh listen,oh listen___ one more time
look one more time as you pass....
they, too dead for dreaming

blood of love and memories
runs rivers of red___
like tulips in the spring
they are gone....gone all to soon


gautami tripathy said...

The tulips will come back..

BTW, it seems ok. However, just pasting the URl works for wordpress.

PS: Come read my latest poem.

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The Write Girl said...

What a tribute to soldiers fighting in battle...beautiful piece.