Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Beach.....

I walk the dark empty beach tonight
my only companion the misty moon

why have you left me?
why does my heart hurt?

I feel the cold cold sand beneath my feet.......


Beatrice V said...

Melanie, I love this, I think you could also get one very good haiku out of your first two lines here, with somehting of the last line too.

The Write Girl said...

Beautiful imagery in this piece. I love poems about the moon.

Nadege said...

so pretty and melancholy, you've
placed your hand upon this feeling
of yearning and questioning.
the repetition of words adds to
the yearning quality within
the poem.

Tumblewords: said...

Raw and powerful - the pull of the moon tides, the push of life. Wonderful!

A New Beginning said...

Hey Melanie!
Youve got a great blog here, I loved the post! It has been beautifully written:)Keep up and God Bless!


Jim said...

Hi B.D, I've looked over these 'of late' of yours and detect a theme.
This last one is just so touching and real. You have said in these few lines what I will say on Sunday for OSI. It was my prompt word this time, 'thinking.'
However I struggled (and still am) with what I wanted to say and how to do it in poetic form (I'll say again, you did really good here!).
Anyway on a half a page and through some lines, it will be what you said here (#'s 2, 3, and 4).
I'm glad you are visiting, thank you for checking on me.