Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Runners High

a runners high- they call it
a fleeting dream...
once drenched my body
slick with sweat
true euphoria
it raced-coursed though my blood
floating, just out of reach...
elusive pure-a reward for all who- race.

sill I ran, long legs flying
my breath, rhythmic deep and steady
from my belly, loud grunts pass my lips
as I suck in air-life
damp fingers-grasping
for that dream
finally captured in willing hands
mine- now...oh how sweet the taste...
this, was mine-for awhile.

now, older worn wounded by life
my pace slows...
body betrayed-in both mind and spirit
it struggles
to walk this world
my path, my reason gone...
no longer to fly through time and space.

I walk, stooped-my gait slower uneven and shaky
my grunts now groans
I stumble and fall
and yet
I can remember
the rush of air upon my skin
remember-that high
that dream...
still, the taste lingers.

it is for the others, this dream
their time to fly
to chase that luminous gift
still fleeting and just out of reach
an illusion
while, I walk
against the swift current of-life.

it is their world
oh-so sweet taste to savor
my world has become heavy
dull tinged with sadness
and worth not my consideration care
time has evolved
ever changing
it passes me by


eppe said...

This is beautiful Melanie! So is the new site... Phil

Beloved Haiku Dreams said...

Thank you so much Phil. I am glad you liked it.
I knew you would like Billy's site. You both kind of look alike. I think you will love his book.

love, Melanie