Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Would Follow.......

there are many ways to die
to leave this world behind
I ask for no pity from you

you have not walked were I have
nor seen what I have seen__
nothing is sure in this life

I always thought we were soul mates
now I know opposites don't really attract
Oh, they may spark on fire for awhile but dim__

I pray it might not be so in the next
to walk amid clouds of wings__
wings that cover your naked soul

It will be as if I never was
forgive me Lord, I am so tired
make me as if never born__

here comes the goodbye...goodbye
to all your wonders and beauty
my soul is ready,oh give me leave sweet Lord

my heart is so broken and empty
tonight, I have no arms to keep me warm
yes my soul is ready, give me leave__give me leave

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