Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Woven Wall...Of Roses and Buttercups

you and I have come to the end, my love
who would know, who would have guessed
we once laughing and so in love together

holding hands when we talk late at night
into darkness.Stealing secret kisses by
moonlight, our friend. How could you have
let this be, how__my heart___it withers

after so long walking side by side.....

now our hands never touch
your arms no longer hold me
your sweet lips never meet mine.

I look deep into your misty gray eyes
you now just turn away hiding
all the yesterdays that you would not show

I can no longer see you for the walls between us
all built with love, such loving care
for someone else. Will there be some one in your
woven so high, I am in the darkness

rings of roses and buttercup's and daisy's fall
to the earth light pink petals lie at your feet
for all to see, to know, there are not for me

woven so high, I am in the darkness
I am in the darkness now alone with my my aching thoughts

And so I walk blind, just a mere shadow
in a story so long ago


SandyCarlson said...

With subtlety I have woven such walls. They might as well be granite. You capture this experience exquisitely.

Anonymous said...

Very charming! The flow was were the lines...

Tammie Lee said...

Your words tell this sad sad tale with a grace that love is made of.

The Write Girl said...

This is a beautiful piece which captures the emotion of losing someone. I always admire your poetry and work.

Beatrice V said...

Such hauntingly melancholic poem, and so gracefully beautiful