Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Heat

hot days
shimmering in air
melting on my skin


Blaga said...

Thank you for linking with my challenge, I finally managed to get to your blog, for some reason it was telling me it doesn't exist :)

Anything connected to summer is lovely to me, as and your summer words too. Nice to meet you Melanie!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Blaga, I don't know why people are having problems with my blog link. I have been posting since 2006.
I have had to change my blog address because my first blog was sold while I was in hospital. Thanks for stopping by.


Geraldine said...

Hi again, I got here just fine today. I hope you got my email re: text and photos too.

This is a very beautiful poem and photo. Very evocative and dreamy.

Hope all is well.


Jingle said...

cool summer spirits.
well done.

Blaga said...

here is a little thank you poem for participating in my challenge once again thanks ...

benjity said...

I love the brevity in your work - it makes a strong impact!