Monday, July 11, 2011


sorrow grows in my heart
a willow tree bent and heavy with tears
pale green leaves dripping onto
newly tilled earth a barren mound

wherein lies forgotten unmarked summers end
a life never lived
a love never known
a name never given

pain which has no end
grief which knows no bounds
loss which has no meaning
unholy ground with no salvation

time will not cover my raw wound
no green will ever grow
too late too late
whispers the willow tree

winter pervades my thoughts
ice rain grips my soul
tho the still green willow leaves
move softly in the sun warmed winds

pale green willow leaves summers end
gently fall where I would lie
forsaking all humanity
to sleep to rest sweet oblivion

beneath the weeping willow leaves
that shades you still
beneath all worries
some other green to cover me

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