Monday, July 4, 2011

Goodbye My Love

goodbye my sweet lovely one
please fret you not my dear
for I am where I must be and you must remain
love of you is forever with in my heart
though I lie at rest beneath this turned black earth
in time, look to see my love, in all the flowers that grow

hang daisy chains on my stone lie primrose on my breast
cover me in rose petals mixed with blue iris that I love
warm my cold cold blood with bluebells and honeysuckle
blow a breath across my grave,reach down into the black black earth
touch the ring that binds us for eternity from gray to black
kiss my withered lips just one more time and taste the essence of me

feel the blue green moss, how will will keep me warm when winter winds blow
come and place your hand upon my stone, hear me whisper, I love thee so.
worry not beloved 'twill seem like but a passing cloud
still your mind and here me call, I miss you so, I miss you so
may angels hold your heart and kiss your lips until we meet once more
once more to kiss your rosy lips and sweet flower breath


Martin (starwatcher521) said...

Such intensely beautiful words that go deep into my heart. May your tears not be shed in vain.
"May angels hold your heart and kiss your lips until we meet once more" ... sigh!

Enchanted Oak said...

A sense of antiquity with a twist of wry!

Poetic Soul said...

Haunting yet beautifully written words, bravo!

Helen said...

The most heartfelt plea ... how could anyone refuse ... beautiful.

Anonymous said...

that was the sweetest way to bid goodbye, just mesmerizing!
a lot of promise, love and calming tone in the poem, enough to convince!

The Bug said...

I always personalize the things I read. I think that my loved one might say these things to me, but would I listen? I'm not sure I'd be very comforted - at least not until much later.