Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Different Rooms

where once he saved
that tender voice for me
where once I knew
I was loved beyond
devotion it's self, now
now we are but strangers
walking in different rooms


sandy, from fourwinds said...

Well written, the emotion comes through loud and clear.

Stan Ski said...

I think we all know this feeling.

joehebden said...

Excellent writing.

Robin said...

SO powerful and beautifully stated. Unfortunately, we do all know this feeling, at some point or another. I guess it's when we grow up...

mia said...

a sad feeling...cass, the tone
is completely captured.

... Paige said...

Nice piece and great emotion

I finally found your blog. One would think that could be any easy thing to do, but alas...the click here and the click there bombed out and

as I rummaged thru debris under an old newspaper next to a tin can...
there you were and all along it wasn't you that was missing
twas I.

Rosa Phoenix said...

heartfelt and heartbreaking
love's shadow

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Sorry I have to thank you all at once. I fell and broke some ribs and am in a great deal of pain.
Paige, glad you found me with garbage. LOL


Gel said...

Such loneliness, such abandonment- utter heartache/heartbreak no one should ever endure.

I think about you often and am delighted to see you're still weaving words with precious talent.


Rosa Phoenix said...

Melanie, please heal up soon! sorry to hear about your injury.