Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Different Rooms

where once he saved
that tender voice for me
where once I knew
I was loved beyond
devotion it's self, now
now we are but strangers
walking in different rooms


Anonymous said...

Well written, the emotion comes through loud and clear.

Stan Ski said...

I think we all know this feeling.

joehebden said...

Excellent writing.

Robin said...

SO powerful and beautifully stated. Unfortunately, we do all know this feeling, at some point or another. I guess it's when we grow up...

mia said...

a sad feeling...cass, the tone
is completely captured.

... Paige said...

Nice piece and great emotion

I finally found your blog. One would think that could be any easy thing to do, but alas...the click here and the click there bombed out and

as I rummaged thru debris under an old newspaper next to a tin can...
there you were and all along it wasn't you that was missing
twas I.

Rosa Phoenix said...

heartfelt and heartbreaking
love's shadow

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Sorry I have to thank you all at once. I fell and broke some ribs and am in a great deal of pain.
Paige, glad you found me with garbage. LOL


Gel said...

Such loneliness, such abandonment- utter heartache/heartbreak no one should ever endure.

I think about you often and am delighted to see you're still weaving words with precious talent.


Rosa Phoenix said...

Melanie, please heal up soon! sorry to hear about your injury.