Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello dear friends and readers. I am home once more.About eight weeks ago I fell and broke both my wrist, shoulder and humerus bone. Ouch! I am healing slowly so it will be awhile before I am up to writing again.
I look forward to writing and reading all of your poems. My husband is typing this for me. Till then, write on my friends.



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Anonymous said...

Many getting well wishes !

Jim said...

Yes, Melanie, please Get Well Fast
It's been a while since I checked in and to find this! I am sorry.
Also, as a person who has fallen several times it is soooo scary. Really scary in that what happened to you could happen with any fall. My last one convinced me to have a knee joint replacement, last July. It does pretty good now, not perfect.

I hope your poetry is continuing with pen, pencil, and paper while you can't sit at the computer.

Anonymous said...

o poor baby, melanie.

mend well and soon.