Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bag Lady

Bags tied to an old cart
Again and again she stops
Garbage her only friend
Lonely and homeless
Agatha walks on unknown
Day after day seeking cover from the cold
Yielding in the end to the ice and snow


rdl said...

wonderful one!

Amias said...

This have great potential. Go to work shop, Missy left you some positive suggestions.

Jim said...

Melanie, I sure am glad you did this. It wasn't hard was it? It is good for me, I like it!
I wanted to do this one but I won't get around to it. So I didn't check in here before, I don't like to read other's before I do mine.

My idea also incorporated her smell. The movies and books I read say that purposely they smell very bad. That is to ward off any unwanted affection (or otherwise) attempts.