Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Knight's Enduring Love

so great was their love
death could not part them
two souls that became one
enduring, they lie together
side by side through the centuries.


Loretta Markell said...

Thank you for your comments. Your writing is something I will be wanting to see more of.

Jim said...

That is love indeed. This is very touching to me, I wonder if I would care as much.

I'll bet their kids put them together side by side that way? :)
My mom and dad are.
Jim's Mom and Dad, may they RIP
Thank you for visiting my first girl friends poems. I liked your really nice commnet. :)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thank you Loretta for read my poem and for your kind comments. I hope you will come back again.


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Sweet friend, you never stop amazing me. I am glad you read my poem. Glad you came by and read my poem.
The picture of your parents headstone is beautiful and I know that in the end you will care that much.


sanjeet said...

I will be wanting to see more of.
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Andy Sewina said...

Side by side through the centuries, wonderful!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Sanjeet, welcome to my web page. I hope indeed that you return and I thank for both reading my poem and for your very kind comments.


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Andy, thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome.


Anonymous said...

I love the last line. It says so, so much....Lovely !