Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sighs At Midnight

hushed sighs fill the twilight
dead dark hours,softly they sing
still water over stone and rock
deep in the mindless part of night
when roams the soul and speaks
to darkness where light has no dominion

chromatic reflections in the mirror
muffled sounds and dim malformed configurations appear
a dark reality distorted,are they there
plaintive cries against the knocking come
ah,the mistress of mortal shapes prevails
as one upon one the forms comely acquiesce

moving to rhythm and music unheard
the pipes of pan sound forth
while dance they may amid the shadows
faces blacker then hell,blacker still
swirl and sway dizzily they spin
eyes shut tight,your mind unhinged brims with fear
oh,sweet savior,how long to morns first light

fright speaks ever shrilly in grave unhallowed tones
palpability twists and turns in the wild kingdom,ancient of old
make an end to this illusion,this romance with the night
reconcile this relic where dawn has no hold
black the earth heaves and moves to cover me

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