Monday, August 24, 2009


with decay came a time of fear
riots and madness abound__
once graceful landscape ruined

burnt raw in the relentless sun
murky lost we walk in dim redness
marked by the number of my eyes


anthonynorth said...

Intriguing words. Excellently done. And the perfect picture to accompany them.

Stan Ski said...

A vision of the not too distant future...?

Jeeves said...

Number of my eyes!!!Thats interesting

Beloved Haiku Dreams said...

Thank you Anthony, Stan Ski and Jeeves. I am glad that you liked my poem. As for the number of my eyes, Jeeves,that's for you to find out.


ThomG said...

Sorry I'm late on commenting. This is very intriguing. Chilling.

Andy Sewina said...

Yes, wonderfully prophetical! Love the bit about 'the number of my eyes'.

Beloved Haiku Dreams said...

Thank you, Tom and Andy for reading my work I am glad you liked it.