Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Then Love

On the beach, a dim figure walked the tide
Alone unaware of the shadows that followed
She paused at the soft sounds behind her__
Memories where all she had left of her dreams
Memories that swiftly cloaked her in a fog

Lifting her eyes the skies, all was as before
Before the love that was to be always and forever__
The love we loved with a love that was more then love
Sorrow brought her to her knees as tears became one with the tide
Her heart once so filled with this love was no more

Lost to time the years had fled__still pain remained hers alone
Wrapped deep within her mind were the color of his eyes__
The sharp form of his face haunted her soul each step she took
Sitting on the damp sand,his laughter surrounded her
One more time she spoke his name softly, then rode tide out to sea


Missy said...

This is poignant in its sorrow. Love lost, it's always the tragic aspects of opening oneself up. Really enjoyed this

anthonynorth said...

Deeply emotional and sorrowful, and the imagery was excellent.

Stan Ski said...

Perfect setting to capture the mood.

gautami tripathy said...

I always like to read your poetry!

you have passed your absurdity to me