Monday, August 31, 2009

The Lion Is......Dead

the lion is dead
long did he roam__loyal brave
keeping watch over his pride

the pride remains
wandering lost,fearful uncertain
their guardian,father gone

he lies,wrapped in dreams
deep in the earth that formed him
at last,resting__asleep
his journey over his task done

but oh__oh
dream on for dreams are sweet
and "the dream shall never die"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unhallowed Ground

they came one upon another
lost sheep out of the meadow
stumbling,falling row after row
slow tired bodies,men,women__a child cries out
alone in the twilight
moans pierce the the heavy smoke filled air
burning hot over dim shadows
they went to meet death
each on his own terms__silently
later,whispers came
as the moon rose to trespass
on unhallowed ground

Friday, August 28, 2009

Laundry Day.....

stark white sheets
limp in summers heat
laundry day

Narrow Path

I seek him whom my spirit loves
As a bride seeks her groom
In the valleys and hills of my soul

I walk a narrow path

I see my beloved, his eyes so clear
In the valleys and hills of my soul
I walk the narrow path

Summers End

crickets sing old songs
fill cool late summer breezes
marigolds bright blooms

Thursday, August 27, 2009

NaisaiKu Challenge!

Zipporah the swallow
Old as time forgotten
Still her fruit was sweet to taste
Still her fruit was sweet to taste
Old as time forgotten
Zipporah the swallow

I am the rose of Sharon
The lily of the valleys
Keeper of the gate guardian of the seal
Keeper of the gate guardian of the seal
The lily of the valleys
I am the rose of Sharon

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Then Love

On the beach, a dim figure walked the tide
Alone unaware of the shadows that followed
She paused at the soft sounds behind her__
Memories where all she had left of her dreams
Memories that swiftly cloaked her in a fog

Lifting her eyes the skies, all was as before
Before the love that was to be always and forever__
The love we loved with a love that was more then love
Sorrow brought her to her knees as tears became one with the tide
Her heart once so filled with this love was no more

Lost to time the years had fled__still pain remained hers alone
Wrapped deep within her mind were the color of his eyes__
The sharp form of his face haunted her soul each step she took
Sitting on the damp sand,his laughter surrounded her
One more time she spoke his name softly, then rode tide out to sea

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can I Allow.......

can I allow myself to forgive
to have the luxury of peace,joy
to let my mask slip revealing all

my very soul and essence__

for a little while should I
allow them to know and see me
can I put away my dreams of darkness

allowed at last to be free__
free of this worlds madness
to lay down my burden,my pain

free of fear,regrets,sorry__
let my spirit soar among the angels
yet my affinity with death is so strong

I am tired and my heart is hollow

Monday, August 24, 2009


with decay came a time of fear
riots and madness abound__
once graceful landscape ruined

burnt raw in the relentless sun
murky lost we walk in dim redness
marked by the number of my eyes

august heat simmers
sleepy sun sets
yellow orange skies

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Copse At Sunset

as if stranded on a lost island
the copse stood in the wheat field
a dark brooding patch among golden grains
old as memory, the stand waiting
watching for the seasons to pass
one into another still and silent

some bent with the tricks of time
others tall,thick__multi-colors of green-black
leafy shelters for birds by day
with the suns demise
their sturdy tangled branches now__
a spider web for lost souls trapped within

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A path In Darkness

remembering nothing
we are thrust, alone into life
we walk__as if in water
this path unknown to us
holding hands in the mists of time

we wander...trapped from within
each in their own darkness
each soul hollowed__aching

sound and shadows grow ever nearer
while we__stumble seeking the light
grasping on to tiny bits of dreams
fear fills our faint hearts

reality,now a nightmare
time and place have no meaning
we come....
at sorrows end__the light is waiting
and revealed

Order Of The Stars

the moon and stars__
gifts we follow closely
shine till the sound of trumpets
and the horsemen ride free

we,two hearts as one
answer the call of the sea,our sister
tossed blindly__wave after wave
ebb and flow
ebb and flow

the pattern must be complete
the time preordained must close
in the end__we,the chaff are now
left over offerings,dull and empty
worthless husks on the thrashing floor