Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreams At Night

In the cool of nights darkness
dreams come on fairy wings
filling my mind with stardust

eyes closed and deep asleep
the nights sky dances around me
I see you even though you are far away

I feel your touch on my skin
your scent so sweet
as morning comes I weep for last nights dreams of you


kaykuala said...

Longings of a young heart, dreaming of a lover's would sadly end when the dream ends.If only the dream lingers on.
Beautiful verse!

Jim said...

These are the dreams we like to dream. Beautifully done, Melanie!

I do hope she dreams this dream quite often. It is a beautiful one!

Nanka said...

Beautiful words and pleasant dreams and the last line shows deep emotions and a lament. Well done!!

Alcina said...

aww..i wish you didn't cry..
Nice piece!

Tarang Sinha said...

Beautiful composition! Sometimes dreams are really mesmerizing.