Friday, December 9, 2011

Past And Future

the future is nothing
it's the past that lives for me
as real as today it lives

the past when I was young
and my little boys were so sweet
with big blue eyes

and rosy cheeks
my angels my own
my three little boys

I remember trips to the cabin
and swims in the lake
cooking out and roasting marshmallows

hide and seek in the woods
lots of laughter and giggles
oh times were sweet
when they were young

now they are men on their own
and need me not
I miss those days

I miss the past
the kisses and hugs and long curly hair
all gone to grownup things

the past is forgotten
but lives

in my memory alone
forgotten by all but me


Peggy said...

Oh my this one is so warm and full of love and happiness and then so sad at the end. I hope they have not really forgotten...I guess we have to call and remind them!! I like your blog. And thank you for participating in the new Poetry Jam!

Susie Clevenger said...

I feel the same way about my daughters...poignant and honest words

Tarang Sinha said...

Past (Good memories only) is to cherish (As they always stay in heart), present is to live and future is to plan (Wisely). They carry their own importance. Nice words and touching emotion:)

Margaret said...

Sigh, gasp ... (I'll be right back)...

I had to squeeze and hug my just turned four year old son. My nineteen year old son is a wonderful young man, but I am not the center of his life anymore. I have six children, and I am at different stages with all of them.

Your words ring true to my ears... I truly hope your children stay in touch with you...

This was a wonderful poem. One my mind (and heart) will probably never forget.

Christina Strigas said...

This poem just put tears in my eyes. It is never forgotten by our children-it is remembered in hazy clouds and we always have to remind them of what we have done for them. My children are my angels as well and I tell them that...good write from the heart. I also like your pictures!

Brian Miller said...

felt boys are still small but that day is coming when we are left to those memories and it seems like no one else remembers them....

Helen said...

You wrote my life story ... far better than I could have. Lovely, just lovely. After my three sons, a daughter .. all grown up as yours are.

Neni said...

thoughtful... I can feel the feeling of being forgotten and the yearning to get back what is gone...

Nicely done:)