Wednesday, September 16, 2009


desert painted red-orange
melted rocks in hot sun
burnt earths broken ground
writes in the sand it's thirst


SandyCarlson said...

A fluid and fluent speaker! Beautiful poem.

Good luck with your blog situation. Sorry about the frustration!

Dennis Tomlinson said...

I like the intense languuage and images!

Jim said...

Oh Melanie, what an image! Makes me want to go out there in the hot and read that writing. :-)
BTW, Mr. Linky sent me to the broken blog. Of course I found you here. You might want to retell him.

Quiet Paths said...

Penetrating images; I can feel the heat and taste the thirst.

zoya gautam said...

hi melanie ..

like " the intense languuage "

of the " fluid and fluent speaker! "

when words have conviction the beauty flows ..

( always drawn to to the human yearning of ur writing ) ..

many thanks ..

zoya gautam said...

.. ( ps_ felt so good to see the greeting " namastey " on ur blog _ not being parochial -- just the meaning of the word is so warm ..namastey! )

Amias said...

This is amazingly unique! The images is perfect -- as I have often wondered at the dry broken earth --- I found the craters inviting, a place to hide. But it was always a wonder to see what happen when the rain came ...

anthonynorth said...

You captured the desert here. Excellent.
Now I need a drink of water.

Maggie said...

I love how you gave a voice to the desert as you revealed the thirst and quenching found there.

Yellow Tulip said...

lovely poem and a complimenting pic dear:)...thank u for stoppin by and leaving a comment on one of my poems:) wishes:)