Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sin of hubris
sin of lust
cloaked in black sugar

truth can be found
at the end of the wall
pray God we meet before


Anne said...

wonderful! black sugar-great image!

Beloved Haiku Dreams said...

Thank you Anne. I am glad you liked it.


Deeptesh said...

Great Imageries.Great that I have found U!C my poems 2 n tl me wht u think.


Beatrice V said...

Melanie, I just came across an old link for your previous website (beloveddreamer.com) it seems they are using a similar image of a rose -just like you have here on your blog, they are to all appearances a 'dating site' now. Just thought you may like to know, in case you want to have a different image on your blog, or in case there is any cross-identification between them and your own blog.

mariposa said...

Nice poem! :)