Thursday, September 8, 2011

Passing Years

In time as the years passed, they did not know of what
to speak of. Once their talk never stopped. Words gushed
forth of their own. Words filled with love surrounded them
But that was the spring of their relationship. Once so simple
the exchanging of thoughts and feelings. Now the stream had
dried to a trickle. The bedrock of their relationship was crumbling.

once love filled their life
now empty thoughts followed them
oh were has love gone


Brian Miller said...

very nice...communication is the foundation of a relationship for sure...when that dries up it is like a fish out of water...soon to die....of course you said it much more poetic...smiles.

kaykuala said...

Sadly the soul felt the hunger of love gone sour. Communicate and do it well. Excellent form!


Nanka said...

"The bedrock of their relationship was crumbling."
Beautiful line and can see the communication gap widening!!