Friday, September 16, 2011


there is shame in my heart
my memories of you are many
all so full of guilt I know not what to do
forgive me my love for I have hurt you greatly
forgetting your tender love of me
my soul dies as time passes
and you my dear heart have found another


Shauna said...

oO. delicately sad. words that are
hard to see, but mean so much when
spoken- really make a difference
for both {parties}
exquisitely written.

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Thank you Shauna for your kind comments. You have a lovely blog.


gautami tripathy said...

Love is never wasted. No matter what..

while the instrument plays

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a Pearl Jam song, "Nothing Man" make the crucial, foolish mistake and then chase them away. Very painful and evocative.


Mr. Walker said...

I like your "forgive" and "forget" lines.


Mike Patrick said...

A truly tender poem of loss.