Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Best Of Me

I think of him and wonder what went wrong.
We were bound together in love and happiness.
Two like souls intertwined forever.
I gave him the best of me and yet
it would seem it was not enough.
How do I live without him?
Simply walking on the paths we took
is too much for me.
I miss his arms around me.
I miss his kisses sweet.
I miss his body next to me
and I miss his tender love.
Time has not changed how I feel.
Time has not healed my heart.
He took the best of me and
left nothing to live on.
He took the best of me and left me to cry


Anonymous said...

Lovely and sad...there actually is no permanence.

Morning said...

love this,

kind of sad, but powerful emotions masterfully conveyed with a number of lines,

Dasuntoucha said...


Aynsley (Life In Verse) said...

Painful, but beautiful and dripping pathos... lovely

The Orange Tree said...

painful, heartfelt.

skillful delivery.

Anonymous said...

Definitely sad, but you do a great job of tapping into moment of emotion that everyone can relate to. Cool.

tinkwelborn said...

Emotive! Betrayal. Loss and the abyss.