Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my heart grows cold now
that you have left me behind
what is there to feel?
your love fills my heart
I can never let you go
abide with me love
autumn leaves turn orange
clinging desperately to trees
sighing in the wind

The Best Of Me

I think of him and wonder what went wrong.
We were bound together in love and happiness.
Two like souls intertwined forever.
I gave him the best of me and yet
it would seem it was not enough.
How do I live without him?
Simply walking on the paths we took
is too much for me.
I miss his arms around me.
I miss his kisses sweet.
I miss his body next to me
and I miss his tender love.
Time has not changed how I feel.
Time has not healed my heart.
He took the best of me and
left nothing to live on.
He took the best of me and left me to cry

Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Silence

autumn colors bright
hues of burnt orange and yellow
crisp cool breezes flow

silence fills the air
alone I sit and listen
as leaves sigh and fall

Misty Blue Ocean

Smiling Sally
setting on the empty beach
I see the blueness of your eyes
deep within the ocean
I hear your soft voice as the waves rush in

If only you were with me
If only I could bring you back to me
too much time has past since we parted
too much pain has molded me

those blue eyes flash for someone else now
those blue eyes long for another
I have but shades of blue memories
fading as I walk alone beside a misty blue ocean

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Have Forgotten

I look into your eyes
and see eternity
my heart bleeds for you
but you care not
shall I give you my soul
my very being.
my life's plan
or should I forget you
and all your beautiful words
that thrill my being
let me go, let me love another
I cling to you as if we were lovers
yet I know you have forgotten me.
I look into your eyes
I look into your eyes

Monday, October 17, 2011

No Matter How It Hurts

the show must go on
no matter how it hurts
losing one you loved

all remains the same
time has a way of turning
all tears into smiles

as we ever long
for that one moment in time
when love comes along

Loves Desire

As the stars fill the heavens above
His heart seeks what he cannot have___
The perfection of her soft skin, her face

The love that lies in her eyes, yet not for him
Beauty has molded time, radiant in starlight she shines
Pale as the virgin moon she walks through the night streets

"Surely what secrets she endures, her pure glorious features
Come, from the constellations, a gift.... not meant for mankind"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Auras In Blue

Smiling Sally

wispy sky's afloat
shimmering auras in blue
summers last perfume

bluebells gone away
as color fades in the mist
leaving orange red tints

blue trees frost time comes
sends shivers up tree branches
summers blue now gone

Bath Time Dreaming

she soaked in her tub
softly sponging her body
daydreaming of him

lying back she smiled
ardent were his kisses sweet
lips smooth and giving

tonight she would know
as stars raced across the sky
if his love was true

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper Tears

paper tears rain down
absorption remains sorrow
letting go is hard

paper tears not real
only feed a rich anger
when love could bind all

give me the freedom
to search your inner being
and feel your soft heart

love raptures us all
willing or not we grow
into loves true gift

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ghostly Laundry

the laughing laundry
as bed sheet ghosts run and twirl
dad sips his cold beer
children run around an round
ghosts chasing flowers edges

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nights Love ( a repost)

rising from her bed
she washes nights love away
dripping on the floor

This is a poor copy of a poet well known among us. His poetry is outstanding. I love to read his work.

Outside In

outside in falling
in love with love so divine
inside out my heart
falls apart piece after piece
never learning from the past

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hues Of Gold

vibrant hues of gold
tints of red orange plum and green
screen now empty trees

fairies hopes and dreams
woven mists move to drum beats
falls dancers have come

they twirl round and round
singing their sweet melodies
till dawn fills the sky

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Poetry Weaver

Like a spider's prey all caught up in words of love both cool and playful,he drew me
to him.Poetry my downfall. Woven tightly around me. Warp and weft he wove
his lovely words of desire and bound fast my heart. Long before I knew the sound of
his voice, the look in his eyes,the taste of his lips he had me trapped in love and need.There was no escape from this shimmering web. He fed on my on my flesh and my soul.

a spiders web holds
through nights of love and longing
and with the dawn breaks

left behind torn rent
drained of all my innocence
clutching wispy words

empty tenderness
now meant for some other love 
bloodless left to cry

beware those sweet words
beware those dark shining eyes
beware tides that bind.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The River Swift

my swollen heart bleeds
a river overflowing
it's raw jagged banks

tears pool here and there
as winters frozen snow melts
pale blood left behind

gone his loving care
gone his quiet gentle smile
gone his words of love

empty is my heart
cold my skin has now become
numb my world grows dim

my floating body
caught in a whirlpool of ice
soon sinks from all time


seems impossible
that time swift as an arrow
has left me alone

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Clowns

painted white faces
black circles under glass eyes
friendly...they do not smile

they creep towards me
in somersaults spinning
to music only they can hear

I am trapped by their stares
daddy, daddy I whisper
tugging on his arm...he does not notice

slowly, nearer and nearer
I want to scream...
I want to run...

reaching with white gloved hands
now, I frozen with fear, jump up
the lights go dark and I drift away


love entwines our hearts
as our souls speak one to one
come my sweet love be mine

Oh My Love

oh my love, words we once spoke are forgotten
time, time so cruel so short and I can not remember
your touch your voice our loving together
would but time give back what it has taken
could I but know and taste our sweet murmurings once more
if you could but forgive my pride and take away my pain
I long to kiss your lips,feel your heat as we lie side by side again

Friday, October 7, 2011

Careless Lover

you with your sly way have taken my heart
unthinking uncaring that now I am empty
my love pushed aside no longer needed
I will move on now parting in pain
oh careless lover you will forget me soon enough

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gemini's Incubus

Green shoots everywhere
Earth yawns and stirs
Meadows full with daffodil's
In out of cement gardens
Nature will push pavement aside
Incubus grows unnoticed in shadows

The Laguage Of Love

language, the language of love
husky smoking and complete

language links need and desire
as our bodies lie intertwined
captured in this unending place of pleasure

Words Are All WE Have

words are all we have my love
they link our souls
together they bind
our hearts and minds
never to be apart
when you whisper
so soft and sweet
words of need
I am yours forever

The Sea

Mist rises from the ocean's depth.
The sea, green gray, dark and deep.
Each wave rushes towards me, then
like a forlorn lover recedes again.

Sprites, sirens of the night call to me
as they dance upon the white foam.
Glittering in the darkness.
And I watch the enigmatic moonlight
change the tiny beings' colors, sliver gold.
As they like dancers in the dead of night,
leap from wave to wave.

Crystalline laughter echoes softly. Almost
lost in the surf's sound. My feet, naked, buried
deep within the sand that pervades my flesh with
And I wait.
Wait for the tide to once more slip slowly
back into the murky sea.
I wait and dawn breaks to warm my cold still body


when I look into your dark brown eyes
it takes my breath away....
I drown in those eyes

each time I look at you....
you know just how to make me tremble

when you whisper soft and low
your kiss on my neck....

my body opens like a primrose
ah, I breath you in....

my body is an open book....
a book you have learned to read so well

as you turn the pages, every sigh is there
every moan is there....

you play your game with me....
until I can wait no longer

Saturday, October 1, 2011

His Shuffling Walk

his shape was bent and hollow
eyes softly glowing red
from whence he came
no one knew only fear kept his company
his skin blotched and worn
frightening more then a few early
morning libertine home from the pub
what creature was this shuffling with in the shadows